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Cisco Advanced Malware Protection for Web Security

Advanced protection for web-based attacks

Web-based threats continue to rise. To protect your network you need a solution that prevents them. AMP for Web Security goes beyond the basics in threat detection, URL filtering, and application control. It provides continuous file analysis, retrospective security, and sandboxing to help your security team catch even the stealthiest threats.

What you get when you add AMP to Web Security

Advanced threat detection

AMP for Web Security gives you comprehensive protection against all web-related threats. It analyzes every piece of web content accessed, from HTML to images to Flash files, so you have exceptional protection.

Continuous analysis and retrospective security

After a file crosses the web gateway, AMP watches, analyzes, and records its activity, regardless of its initial disposition. If malicious behavior is spotted later, AMP sends a retrospective alert so you can contain and remediate the malware.

Advanced sandboxing

AMP analyzes unknown files against more than 700 behavioral indicators. You get detailed analytics on the file’s behavior and threat level. Your security team can then better understand, prioritize, and block sophisticated attacks.

Less complexity and fragmentation

Get a layered defense that includes advanced threat defense, advanced malware protection, application control and visibility, insightful reporting, and secure mobility in a single solution to stop malware before it reaches the network.

Stronger network defense

Our Cisco Talos experts analyze millions of malware samples per day and push that intelligence to AMP. AMP then correlates files, telemetry data, and file behavior against this knowledge base to help you defend against known and emerging threats.

Protection from blended attacks

AMP for Web Security can integrate with other AMP deployments to stop blended attacks across multiple threat vectors.

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AMP can be deployed on all Cisco Web Security products. Determine the best fit for your organization.

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Get end-to-end protection

For increased protection, add AMP across multiple attack vectors.

See more threats than ever before

AMP for Web Security just got better. We recently integrated it with our Cognitive Threat Analytics (CTA) platform. Get more visibility to stop advanced threats, and see 30% more infections on average.