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Advanced Malware Protection for Email Security

Block email-based attacks

More than 100 billion corporate emails are exchanged every day. Predictably, email has become a prime vehicle for cyber attacks. Cisco AMP for Email Security defends your business against spear phishing, ransomware, cryptoworms, and other stealthy attacks. It goes far beyond traditional perimeter defenses to give you advanced capabilities.

Add AMP for Email Security and get…

Protection from advanced email attacks

AMP analyzes emails for threats such as zero-day exploits hidden in malicious attachments. It gives you advanced protection against spear phishing, ransomware, and other sophisticated attacks.

Continuous analysis and retrospective security

Once a file crosses the email gateway, AMP continues to watch, analyze, and record its activity, regardless of the file’s disposition. If malicious behavior is spotted later, AMP sends you a retrospective alert so that you can contain and remediate the malware. 

Deep file analysis

Advanced sandboxing capabilities perform static and dynamic malware analysis of unknown files. You get detailed analytics on the file’s behavior and threat level to help your security team understand, prioritize, and block attacks. 

Stronger network defense

Our Cisco Talos experts analyze millions of malware samples per day and push that intelligence to AMP. AMP then correlates files, telemetry data, and file behavior against this knowledge base to proactively help you defend against known and emerging threats.

Protection from blended attacks

AMP for Email Security can be integrated with other AMP deployments to stop blended attacks across multiple threat vectors. 

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Cisco IT increases security effectiveness

Cisco IT relies on the Email Security Appliance for its threat-centric security strategy. AMP has added a layer of valuable defense, helping Cisco IT catch 50 percent more malware threats.