Cisco 1701 ADSL Security Access Router

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The Cisco 1701 ADSL Security Access Router provides secure and reliable Internet and corporate network connectivity to enterprise small branch offices and small and medium-sized businesses. It offers business-class ADSL over basic telephone service (Plain Old Telephone Service [POTS]) with a redundant WAN link to help ensure high availability of critical business applications. The Cisco 1701 router also supports integrated security services that help ensure protection of the network and secure data traveling over the Internet. Additionally, advanced quality-of-service (QoS) features prioritize mission-critical data traffic.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures high-availability of network connection with dual WAN (ADSL and ISDN backup)
  • Secures and protects network through stateful inspection firewall and IPSec VPN
  • Manages and prioritizes traffic through advanced QoS

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