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Industry-Leading Routing Portfolio

The Cisco 12000 Series is the industry's leading portfolio of routing solutions that seamlessly scales from 2.5Gbps/slot to 40G/slot capacity to optimize service delivery over carrier IP/MPLS core and edge networks.

Uncompromising Routing Performance for Core and Edge

This portfolio leverages state of the art silicon and intelligent software technologies, delivering uncompromising routing performance, superior QoS capabilities, proven high availability support, comprehensive Layer 2/Layer 3 services and a fully integrated core and edge feature set.

The Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

With its upgradeable switch fabric, the Cisco 12000 Series provides the industry's only proven investment protection and lowest total cost of ownership. Based on years of innovation and a global installed base of over 23,000 systems, the Cisco 12000 Series is uniquely positioned for carriers worldwide to build the most sophisticated and competitive IP/MPLS service delivery infrastructure.

The Cisco 12404 Router is a small footprint 10 Gigabit/slot router, delivering 80 Gbps of switching capacity into 4-slots and 1/8 of a rack, powering the high bandwidth, reliability, and scalability required to 10G-enable IP/MPLS provider edge applications.

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