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Next-Generation Broadband Aggregation Services

Ideal for carriers deploying IP/MPLS services to broadband and private-line customers, the Cisco 10000 Series improves operational efficiency, new service deployment, and revenue potential. The Cisco 10000 Series is the industry-leading edge router for service providers who require subscriber awareness for triple-play, broadband, and wholesale access while migrating from ATM to Gigabit Ethernet. Reduce your total cost of ownership for broadband service network infrastructures by taking advantage of this system, combining scalability, high-density interfaces, and a service-enabling feature set.

IP/MPLS Applications

  • Broadband aggregation for Ethernet and ATM and retail, wholesale, and business services: Support up to 61,500 sessions for L2TP access concentrator (LAC), L2TP network server (LNS), and PPP termination aggregation (PTA) environments
  • Low-speed private-line aggregation: Turn on features optimized for DS-0 to DS-3 ATM, Frame Relay, and leased line services with MPLS

Feature Highlights

  • Cisco's patented Parallel Express Forwarding (PXF) adaptive network processing technology
  • Proven route processor redundancy capabilities and rapid session setup rates, delivering 99.999 percent system availability
  • Patent-pending auto-VC creation and provisioning technologies, coupled with comprehensive VC density, to simplify operations and speed broadband deployment and revenue generation
  • Per-subscriber hierarchical QoS for granular bandwidth management with improved user experiences for data, voice, or video
  • Subscriber-aware service control capabilities enabling network operators to identify and classify subscriber sessions, set guarantees for QoS levels, and charge for innovative content services

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