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Distribute, Store, and Manage Video

As the core component of Cisco's video surveillance software portfolio, the Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server software offers the power and flexibility to meet a diverse range of video surveillance requirements.

Features and Capabilities

Cisco's Virtualized Video Surveillance solutions:

  • Offer a complete virtualized solution for Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server software on Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS) platforms
  • Provide a hyper-scalable solution with modular UCS platform building blocks
  • Provide centralized management with improved situational awareness and real-time response
  • Can support hundreds of thousands of video surveillance cameras with core routing and UCS

The media server software:

  • Uses IP technology to provide outstanding scalability in terms of sites, cameras, viewers, and storage
  • Delivers low-latency, high-quality, event-tagged video
  • Supports a broad range of cameras, codecs (such as JPEG, and MPEG-4, and H.264), viewing platforms, and network topologies
  • Archives at different frame rates, durations, and locations

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