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NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.

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Full-Featured Indoor and Outdoor PTZ Cameras

Get excellent performance and image quality with the easy-to-deploy, multi-feature Cisco Video Surveillance 2900 Series IP Standard Definition PTZ Cameras.

The Cisco Video Surveillance 2900 Series includes indoor and outdoor models, both supporting day and night operation. The indoor cameras offer:

  • In-ceiling mounting
  • 27X zoom
  • Smoked dome
  • Separate PAL and NTSC models

The outdoor cameras offer:

  • Pendant mounting
  • IP-66 rating
  • 35X zoom and electronic image stabilization
  • Clear dome
  • Separate PAL and NTSC models

These cameras provide the flexibility to view and control analog video while simultaneously viewing, recording, and controlling IP video. They support two simultaneous video streams, which can be compressed in MJPEG, MPEG-4, and H.264 formats across several resolution configurations.

The streams can be configured in a variety of frame rates, bit rates, and group of pictures (GOP) structures for additional bandwidth administration. In addition, the back-boxes for these cameras feature built-in memory, which can be used to store camera and location-specific dome settings, including labels, presets, patterns, and zones.

Benefits include:

  • 360-degree continuous pan rotation
  • 256 PTZ presets and 8 user-defined patterns
  • Integrated camera and optics packages with autofocus
  • Window blanking and motion detection
  • Onscreen compass and tilt display

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