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Cisco PVC300 Pan Tilt Optical Zoom Internet Camera

NOTE: This product is no longer being sold and might not be supported.

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Provide Advanced Security with Optical Zoom

The Cisco PVC300 Pan Tilt Optical Zoom Internet Camera provides a feature-rich, highly flexible video solution for your business. Using its pan, tilt, and optical zoom capabilities, you can monitor and virtually manage multiple sites from a central location.

The Cisco PVC300 also offers many advanced security, monitoring, and alerting capabilities that go far beyond conventional closed-circuit television. This intelligent solution works over your existing IP network and lets you:

  • Integrate alarms, door sensors, motion detectors, and other business and security systems into your video solution
  • View live video of your business from anywhere, using an Internet-enabled PC or mobile phone
  • Receive automatic alerts (including video clips or still images) whenever motion is detected on your premises after hours
  • Easily and cost-effectively add new cameras, video storage, and security applications as your business evolves

This Cisco PVC300 Pan Tilt Optical Zoom Internet Camera provides a complete solution at an affordable price.

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