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Cisco Physical Security Multiservices Platform Series

Superior Storage, Resiliency, and Performance

The Cisco Physical Security Multiservices Platform includes a wide array of features in an easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy server suite. The suite offers you a choice of the following physical security applications:

The Cisco Physical Security Multiservices Platform provides a variety of benefits, including:

  • High storage density
  • System resiliency
  • Hardware diagnostics
  • High-performing motherboard

Other benefits include:

  • Built-in 300W high-efficiency power supply in the 1-RU server
  • 900W high-efficiency power supply with hot-swappable, redundancy option in the 2-RU server
  • High-performance fans with built-in redundancy for optimized cooling
  • System health and management features, including redundant cooling fans, a convenient power switch, reset button, and LED indicators
  • Various RAID configurations for resiliency
  • Optional encoder card that compresses up to 16 analog video inputs with full-frame rate at D1 resolution. See data sheet for more information
  • Optional hot-swappable hard disk drives that can be removed without powering down the server (must have RAID configuration to be hot-swappable

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