Cisco IOS Diagnostic Tools for Commercial

Automated Diagnostics for Commercial Networks

The following list contains simple, easy-to-use scripts and applets that allow network engineers managing Commercial networks to automate common diagnostics and customize complex network tasks.

The scripts and applets use Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager (EEM), a powerful device and system management technology integrated into specific Cisco switches and routers. EEM helps customers harness the network intelligence intrinsic to Cisco IOS Software and gives them the ability to customize behavior based on network events as they happen.


  • Hardware platform: Cisco 1800, 2800, 3800 ISRs
  • Cisco IOS Software Release: Scripts written using Release 12.4(9)T4
Script Title Summary Category
Composite Device Health - Interface Errors
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Tcl script monitors the health of physical interfaces. Diagnostics
Composite Device Health - Memory
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Tcl script utilizes the Memory Threshold Notifications feature introduced in Releases 12.2(18)S, 12.0(26)S and 12.3(4)T. This feature allows one to mitigate low-memory conditions on a router. Diagnostics
Power and Temperature Health
Applet monitors the environmental health of a router as defined as having at least the following components:
  • Fan operation
  • Power supply
  • Temperature operation
Memory Health
Tcl script can be used as part of an overall strategy to monitor basic device health which includes the percent utilization of:
  • System buffers
  • Interface buffers
Forwarding Path Health Tcl script monitors router interfaces that are specified by the users to track excessive process switched packets that exceed a configurable threshold based on a percent value between 1-99. Diagnostics
HSRP State Change Applet can be used on the standby HSRP router to notify a monitoring tool when an HSRP active router is no longer available or becomes inactive due to an interface state change. Diagnostics
L2 WAN Failure Detection Tcl script sends an alarm in the form of an email containing both the whole and parsed output of "show interface" when the line protocol of an interface goes from up to down. Diagnostics
L3 Path Failure Detection - EIGRP Neighbor Change Tcl script sends an email notification when an EIGRP neighbor change occurs. Diagnostics
L3 Path Failure Detection - IP Route Tracking Applet sends an email notification when an IPv4 route to a remote site is withdrawn from the global routing table. Diagnostics
VPN Failure Detection
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Tcl script generates an alarm when a VPN failure occurs. Diagnostics
Server Failure Detection - Down State
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Applet sends an email notification when the tracked state of icmp-echo to a particular server goes to a 'down' state. Diagnostics
Server Failure Detection - Up State
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Applet will send an email notification when the tracked state of IP SLA icmp-echo's destined for a particular server reaches 'up' state. Diagnostics
Application Failure Detection Applets provide examples to monitor application failures based on TCP port availability. Cisco IP SLA and Embedded Object Tracking are used to trigger these applets. Diagnostics
Priority Queue Threshold
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Tcl script periodically checks the priority queue(s) of all interfaces that have a service-policy configured. Diagnostics
WAN Load Alarm Tcl script sends an alarm via syslog & email if the WAN link specified exceeds a specified load (wan_load_threshold) for more than a specified duration of time (wan_load_duration). Diagnostics
Log New Configuration After Updates Applet will dump the most recent configuration to flash:latest-config when a change notification alarm is detected. Network Management
Log Config Diffs After Updates
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Applet will send only the config deltas when a configuration change notification alarm is detected using the Cisco IOS config diff feature. In addition, the output of 'show archive log config all' will be provided in an email to show the user who made the configuration change. Network Management
Log User Name Information Applet will send only the config deltas when a configuration change notification alarm is detected using the IOS config diff feature. Network Management
Send Show-tech via Email Applet will email the output of 'show tech' using the command 'sendtech'. Network Management
Send Email
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Tcl script serves as a template that can be used when sending an email notification is needed User Interface