Cisco Embedded Automation Systems

Cisco Embedded Automation Systems - Customized Solutions Downloads

Highly differentiated Cisco embedded automation technologies include:

  • Embedded Event Manager (EEM)
  • Cisco IP Service Level Agreements (IP SLAs)
  • Expression MIB
  • Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR)
  • Flexible Netflow
  • Enhanced Object Tracking
  • Cisco IOS Shell (

Widely available on various Cisco routing and switching devices, these powerful technologies make Cisco devices flexible and adaptable platforms for providing customized solutions that are fully integrated into their operational environment.

The following solutions use these powerful technologies. They can be used as is or further customized to address operational challenges.

All the solutions require the Cisco Embedded Automation Systems Installer.

Package Name Description Downloads
Cisco Embedded Automation Systems Installer Installer tool is a Tcl script designed to run within the Cisco IOS tclsh environment. Provides a framework to install Embedded Automation Systems packages using a menu-driven, data-driven interface. Installer is required to run packages. Download Installer (TCL - 34 KB)
Cisco Embedded Automation Systems Installer Guide
Package Name Description Downloads
Embedded Packet Capture Automate the configuration and capture of packet data using Embedded Packet Capture. Download Package (TAR - 49 KB)
Download Documentation (PDF - 490 KB)
VPN Failure Detection Tcl script generates an alarm when a VPN failure occurs. Download Package (TAR - 24 KB)
Network Management
Package Name Description Downloads
Test Network Management Notifications Tests various network management notification protocols on a device. Can be used to test syslog messages, SNMP traps, email capabilities, and Smart Call Home. Download Package (TAR - 49 KB)
Download Documentation
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Remote Command Shell Executes batch commands on local or remote devices Download Package (TAR - 44 KB)
checksum.md5 (TXT)
Performance Data Collection Automates collection of interface statistics Download Package (TAR - 13 KB)
checksum.md5 (TXT)
CA Certificate Expiration Notification Periodically checks for expired crypto keys and sends SNMP trap Download Package (TAR - 12 KB)
Download Documentation (PDF - 340 KB)
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Custom MIB Polling and Data Collection Shows how to access "any" counter value from a show command via SNMP. Download Package (TAR - 43 KB)
Download Documentation (PDF - 290 KB)
Package Name Description Downloads
MAC-based WAN Security Shuts down a WAN interface when MAC address at the other end changes Download Package (TAR - 27 KB)
High Availability
Package Name Description Downloads
Connectivity Verification using IPSLA and EEM Executes a list of commands if an IP SLA operation goes down May send syslog message Download Package (TAR - 29 KB)
Download Documentation (PDF - 300 KB)
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High Availability for Mobile Networks Supports up to 3 physical paths for the Mobile Access Router Download Package (TAR - 64 KB)
Download Documentation
Package Name Description Downloads
Multicast Best Practices Deployment Tool Applies or removes commands using "enable_pim" and "disable_pim" Download Package (TAR - 25 KB)
IGMPv2/v3 Autoconfig Automates configuration or removal of IGMP joins to improve fast channel change for IP multicast video Download Package (TAR - 17 KB)