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Cisco ONS 15454 SONET 6-Port DS-3 Transmultiplexer Card

NOTE: This product is no longer being sold and might not be supported.

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The Cisco ONS 15454 DS-3 Transmultiplexer card, commonly referred to as the DS3XM-6 transmux card, provides six, Telcordia-compliant (GR-499-CORE), M13 interfaces. The DS3XM-6 converts each framed DS-3 network connection to 28 VT1.5s mapped to an STS-1 that then interface to the cross-connect card. The DS3XM-6 card works in conjunction with a Cisco ONS 15454 VT-compatible cross-connect card allowing the VT1.5 traffic to be switched/groomed to optical and electrical VT-compatible line cards.

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