Cisco ONS 15454 Optical Pre-amplifier Card

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The Cisco ONS 15454 Optical Amplifier Cards are plug-in modules that take advantage of proven Cisco ONS 15454 carrier-class features. These cards deliver the reach and optical performance to support a single DWDM channel all the way to 32 channels —today (designed for 64 wavelength operation) to meet the requirements of service provider and enterprise networks. The Cisco ONS 15454 Optical Pre-amplifier card (OPT-PRE) amplifies the incoming composite DWDM signal to provide a sufficient optical power level to optical receivers of dropped wavelengths and to overcome the insertion losses of optical filters in the node. It features a two-stage amplification design to allow insertion of chromatic dispersion-management devices (compensating for pulse spreading at higher bit rates / long unregenerated distances). Deployment locations include any site that requires additional signal level. The Cisco ONS 15454 optical amplifiers take advantage of the latest in amplifier technology, variable optical attenuators, photo diodes, and extensive software to enable a high degree of automation for simplified operations. They feature low-noise-gain blocks for C-band optical amplification requirements. They provide fast-transient suppression to respond quickly to network changes without adding impairments and degradation. Each card integrates software-controllable variable optical attenuators (VOAs) along with extensive optical monitoring with photo diodes, to provide nodal- and network-based automatic power-level management.

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