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Maximize Bandwidth Value at Remote Sites

Cisco Network Capacity Expansion (NCE) System is a transport layer performance enhancing proxy (PEP) that increases the amount of available bandwidth at small to midsized branch offices and remote locations. It is designed to cost-effectively accelerate data transfer over the WAN by overcoming bandwidth and latency limitations. With NCE, multisite organizations get more data through and more value out of their existing WAN links. Unlike other bandwidth optimization or latency mitigation products, Cisco NCE is a small-footprint module that easily integrates into the modular Cisco Integrated Services Routers.

Following is an overview of the Cisco NCE solution:

Cisco NCE offers three key advantages:

  • High data throughput
  • Transparent network integration
  • Maximum cost-effectiveness

This solution also provides multisite and global businesses with three key value propositions:

  • Lower operational expenses by significantly expanding available WAN capacity and eliminating or postponing the need to upgrade bandwidth
  • High return on investment by offering a cost-effective solution that combines low cost with considerable savings on bandwidth, with payback time of as little as a few weeks to a few months
  • Low total cost of ownership by combining with Cisco Integrated Services Routers, which can reduce operating expenses by as much as 70 percent

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