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Cisco Branch Routers Series Network Analysis Module

NOTE: This product is no longer being sold and might not be supported.

View the End-of-Life Notice to learn: 

  • End-of-sale and end-of-life dates
  • What replacement products are available
  • Information about product support

Simplify Network Monitoring

The Cisco Network Analysis Module (NAM) is a powerful integrated network monitoring solution that is designed to give you more visibility into your network than ever before. The Cisco NAM shows you which applications are running on your network and how they are performing to help you:

  • Manage valuable network resources
  • Plan for changes in resource usage
  • Resolve problems before they affect users

Important Features:

  • The Cisco NAM can be deployed in existing Cisco 2600XM, 2800, 3660, 3700, and 3800 Series Multiservice and Integrated Services Routers, maximizing investment value, reducing your network footprint, and lowering your organization's total cost of ownership.
  • Provides visibility into traffic from local and remote switches and routers using features such as NetFlow for comprehensive WAN and LAN traffic monitoring.
  • Includes an embedded Web interface that is accessible from any desktop, eliminating the need to send staff to remote sites or transfer large amounts of data over the WAN to the central site.
  • Automatically identifies hundreds of protocols and provides real-time and historical usage reports on the traffic that is consuming critical network resources.
  • Captures and decodes the packet to help resolve acute problems before they affect users.
  • Tracks response times to pinpoint application problems to the network or the server.

NOTE: This product has entered the end-of-sale cycle. It is being replaced by the Cisco Branch Routers Series Network Analysis Module, NME-NAM. Information about the NME-NAM can be found at: http://www.cisco.com//c/en/us/products/interfaces-modules/branch-routers-series-network-analysis-module-nme-nam/index.html.

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