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The Cisco Systems ATM Interface Processor (AIP) for the Cisco 7000 family of router platforms, was the industry's first commercially available, standards-based Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) router interface. (The Cisco 7000 family includes the Cisco 7000 and Cisco 7500 series routers.)

The dual-RISC and dual-segmentation and reassembly (SAR)-based AIP is installed in more than one thousand Cisco 7000 family routers connecting LAN and WAN internetworks to ATM cell-switching networks. An important part of the CiscoFusion architecture, the AIP provides key ATM internetworking services to campus ATM networks that use high-performance platforms such as Cisco's LightStream® 100 switch for workgroup and small campus ATM networks, LightStream 2020 switch for multiservice enterprise ATM switch applications, and Catalyst 5000 ATM-capable multilayer LAN switch.

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