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The Cisco Web Collaboration Option (formerly Cisco Collaboration Server) provides your organization with a tool to increase sales, facilitate new revenue-generation opportunities, and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. Powerful Web collaboration features enable your contact center agents to deliver immediate answers to customer questions backed by Web pages and other Web-based content. Agents can also help customers solve complex support issues via simultaneous voice-and-visual interaction.

In addition to allowing your contact center agents to share Web pages with customers while conducting a voice or text chat conversation, Web collaboration allows contact center agents and customers to collaboratively complete online forms, share any Windows desktop application using nothing more than a Web browser, and conduct one-to-one interactions and one-to-many or many-to-many online seminars. Such features as multi-session chat capabilities also improve the efficiency and productivity of your service representatives while decreasing customer wait times.

By facilitating effective, personalized assistance that greatly enhances the customer experience, Web Collaboration Option is an ideal solution for both sales and service-oriented contact centers. It can be deployed in a pure IP environment, or seamlessly integrated with your organization’s existing TDM telephony infrastructure to provide automated, blended delivery of phone and Web-based inquiries.

The ability to collaborate with your customers in real time via the Web is invaluable. Whether it is simply directing customers to the correct information on the Web or helping them complete a detailed online application or form, Cisco Web Collaboration Option can help your business reach higher levels of productivity, while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty -- continuing the evolution towards a true Customer Interaction Network.

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