Virtualized Voice Browser

Virtualized, Interactive Voice Response

The virtualized voice browser is a software-based Voice XML browser for Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal (Unified CVP). It provides an alternative to router-based Voice XML browsers, facilitating a broad range of deployment models.

The virtualized voice browser works as part of a Unified CVP solution. With the browser, customers can interact with your business or organization using phone touchtone signals, or optionally, with their own voice to perform interactive voice response (IVR) self-service.

If customers request live agent assistance, Unified CVP can place a call in queue until an appropriate agent is available. It can then transfer information collected by the virtualized voice browser directly to the agent, along with the call itself, to provide a better customer service experience.

Respond to Calls Anywhere

Because it is software-based, the virtualized voice browser supports a wide range of deployment options, including branch offices and data centers. This allows your IVR calls to be handled at the most efficient location.

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