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Integrated Services Enhance Customer Loyalty

Move beyond today's contact center to a Customer Interaction Network with Cisco Unified Contact Center Hosted. Suitable for both enterprise customers and service providers, it:

  • Creates a new, high-margin service revenue stream for service providers
  • Provides a centralized contact center infrastructure that can deliver services to various divisions or satellite offices of enterprise customers

In a central office or data center, service providers host the contact center infrastructure software, which is shared by multiple business customers. Subscribing business customers can have IP or time-division multiplexing (TDM) infrastructures or a combination of the two.

A suite of integrated services that can be introduced all at once or incrementally, the solution includes:

  • Virtual call center: Routes calls to contact center agents independent of their location
  • Network routing with computer telephony integration (CTI): Combines network-based automatic call distributor (ACD) with CTI services
  • Network interactive voice response (IVR): Provides information to callers or collects information before callers speak with a live agent
  • Intelligent call routing: Routes calls between contact centers based on call context information (dialed number and caller ID), agent availability, and customer information from databases
  • Multimedia applications such as Web collaboration and e-mail response management

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