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Cisco Media Blender is an extension to the Cisco Collaboration Server that enables you to directly connect customers and prospects from your Web site to the highly skilled customer representatives in your Web-enabled contact center, and add Cisco's powerful Web collaboration capabilities to the ensuing voice or text-chat interaction. Cisco Media Blender enables this blending of Web-initiated customer contact, Web collaboration, voice calls, and text chat. Most importantly, Media Blender integrates with your existing infrastructure to provide significant value today and a migration path to the future that enables you to freely select the components and timing of your infrastructure upgrades.

Cisco Media Blender can deliver countless benefits to your organization in the form of increased sales, reduced costs, new revenue-generation opportunities and greater customer satisfaction. It adds the following capabilities to Cisco Collaboration Server:

  • Integrates directly with your contact center's telephony infrastructure to provide automated, blended delivery of inbound inquiries
  • Leverages existing call processing and routing systems to route Web contact requests to the appropriate agent
  • Provides a single agent queue for blended collaboration requests, two-line Web callback requests, and single-line text chat requests
  • Collects and presents Web information to customer representatives as Web-based screen pops

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