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The Cisco IP Queue Manager (IP QM) is an intelligent, IP-based, call-treatment and routing solution that provides powerful call-treatment options as part of the Cisco IP Contact Center (IPCC) solution. It is an integral part of Cisco AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data) that delivers intelligent call routing, network-to-desktop computer telephony integration (CTI), and multimedia contact management to contact center agents over an IP network. Cisco IP QM is based on the Cisco Customer Response Solution (CRS) platform technologies and, therefore, offers ease of installation, configuration, and application hosting.

Cisco IP QM allows callers to select routing options, providing easy access to multiple agent skill groups, extensions, or announcements, either before or after routing. Cisco IP QM call-treatment messages can be static, prerecorded announcements or dynamic announcements tailored to specific caller interests. Like a Web site that displays content based on a user's previous visits, Cisco IP QM can provide dynamic content to queued callers, delivering unique messages tailored to each caller's needs, the route selected, the caller's place in the queue, or other associated values.

Cisco Customer Response Solution (CRS) Version 3.0 is designed to enhance the efficiency of any contact center organization by simplifying business application integration, easing agent administration, increasing agent flexibility, and providing efficiency gains in network hosting. These features reduce business costs and improve customer response for your contact center. This single-server integrated platform, which includes Cisco IP Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Cisco IP Integrated Contact Distribution (ICD), and Cisco IP Queue Manager (QM) gives you independence in agent location, improves agent scalability, and enhances automatic call distribution (ACD) features, such as skills-based routing and priority queuing. Cisco IP QM is an option for an IP Contact Center (IPCC) that provides call treatment to calls in queue. The CRS solution is tightly integrated with Cisco AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data) and Cisco CallManager, and is a natural add-on to any voice deployment across IP.

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