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Cisco Intelligent Contact Management (ICM) software transforms a conventional call center enterprise into a multimedia contact center. Designed to expand the options for customer interaction, the Cisco system enables a company to consolidate its Web, e-mail, and telephony channels into an integrated customer-contact environment. Customers who need information beyond that provided on a corporate Web site can request immediate assistance from a contact center agent via the Web. These real-time Web requests are routed by the ICM system using the same business rules applied to contacts arriving from a carrier network. Every request -- with the accompanying customer-profile data collected over the Web -- is delivered to the most appropriate agent anywhere in the enterprise.Two-way interactivity enables contact center agents to share information -- including Web pages, forms, and applications -- with customers over the Web while simultaneously conducting a voice conversation or text chat using a common browser. As a result, agents can deliver immediate answers to customer questions backed by relevant visual support such as charts, graphics, or other types of illustrations.

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