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Accelerating Business Flow with Online Meetings

Operating globally, BAUER builds irrigation and wastewater machinery. Until recently, workers in its Austrian and German core businesses communicated in more traditional ways: by phone or with simple video tools like Skype.

They would also meet often in person, spending hours traveling for meetings. So much travelling proved costly and inefficient, and slowed the pace of meeting business objectives.

When the old phone system expired, Kapsch, the group’s IT partner, proposed something better.


  • Move away from traditional, less efficient ways of working
  • Improve teamwork and enhance productivity
  • Make the business faster and more agile


  • Installed a cloud-based collaboration system
  • Made it easy to hold virtual meetings
  • Put video endpoints in five sites


  • Reduced travel costs by 50 percent
  • Increased productivity 30 percent
  • Cut time to market by 10 percent
Getting to market 10 percent faster is a huge advantage over our competitors.
- Andreas Schitter
Chief Finance Officer, BAUER