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NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.

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Cisco TelePresence Serial GW 3340view expanded image

IP Videoconferencing on a Serial Network

Develop your high-definition (HD) video networks and allow customer flexibility by providing video over both IP-based and synchronous, serial-based networks. Cisco TelePresence Serial GW 3340 is ideal for organizations that use serial interfaces to connect to ISDN or other synchronous serial network devices.

Features and Capabilities

Cisco TelePresence Serial GW 3340 provides transparent integration between IP and serial video conferencing networks. The appliance is easy to configure and delivers feature transparency and powerful dial-plan capabilities. It extends all the benefits of IP-based HD video conferencing to organizations using networks attached through serial interfaces.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Remote management of all functions
  • Easy to upgrade with just a software license as your business grows
  • Provides transparent communication between IP and serial video networks and devices
  • Supports H.239 for content sharing
  • Is fully integrated, with a built-in gatekeeper

Specifications at a Glance

  • Standards-based and compatible with all major vendors' IP video endpoints and MCUs
  • Up to eight independent clock signal ports per unit
  • Supports V.35, RS-449, and RS-530 synchronous serial data interfaces and RS-366 dialing
  • Supports external serial encryption devices, including loss of synchronization (LOS) support
  • Offers powerful dial plans to ensure that calls get routed efficiently
  • Supports bandwidth per call from 56 to 1920 kbps

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