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(All Cisco TelePresence MCU 4200 Series Q&A)
Can I create a hierarchy of auto attendants on my Codian MCU?

Configuring load balancing on Codian MCUs

Copying configuration, address book and conference data between TANDBERG Codian products

Creating cascaded conferences across two Codian MCUs

Does ConferenceMe require administrative rights during the install process?

Does the 'Required gatekeeper' setting stop the Codian MCU / IP VCR connecting to unregistered endpoints?

Does the TANDBERG E20 have support for dual video / dual stream / presentation?

How can I enable dual video, duo video, people and content, or H.239 on my Codian product?

How can I improve the quality of the content channel on the Codian MCU 4200 series?

How can I use my Cisco Telepresence products with Voiptalk?

How do I adjust for daylight saving time changes on my Codian products?

How do I call from an MGC to a conference on a Codian MCU?

How do I call someone on a different IP network?

How do I certify HTTPS connections to my Codian MCU?

How do I configure TMS and a TANDBERG Codian MCU to work together?

How do I configure my Cisco Telepresence products to work with a LCS registrar?

How do I configure the video firewall in a Codian MCU / IP VCR?

How do I connect my Cisco Telepresence products to a Cisco Unified Communications Manager or Nortel Communication Server?

How do I connect to the console port on my Codian unit?

How do I create a conference on a Codian MCU that is not publicly accessible?

How do I downgrade my Cisco Telepresence products?

How do I get my Codian MCUs to appear under MCUs on the TMS?

How do I get streaming with QuickTime to work through a firewall on my Codian MCU / IP VCR?

How do I install the Window Media Player codec available on Codian MCUs on many PCs?

How do I join a conference on a Codian MCU if my endpoint does not support FECC or DTMF?

How do I produce a netwok sniffer trace using Ethereal to show the traffic between my Codian MCU and another piece of equipment?

How do I record my video calls?

How do I register a Codian MCU / IP VCR / IP GW with a V2IU Gatekeeper?

How do I schedule a video call?

How do I set up a Codian MCU to send and receive SIP calls with Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6?

How do I set up a SIP trunk between a Codian MCU and an IP PBX?

How do I stream full screen QuickTime video with a Codian MCU?

How do I upgrade my Codian product using FTP?

How do I upgrade my Codian unit using external Compact Flash?

How do I use NetMeeting to get into a conference on the Codian MCU?

How do I use a service prefix to make more than 100 registrations with a gatekeeper from the Codian MCU / IP VCR?

How do I use my Cisco Telepresence products with an Asterisk registrar?

How is a scheduled call connected when using the Content Server with the TANDBERG Management Suite?

How long does a Codian MCU retry a connection if an endpoint is busy or does not answer?

How many CDRs (Call Detail Records) can the TANDBERG Codian MCU / ISDN GW / IP GW / AM GW store?

How many endpoints can be configured on a Codian MCU or IP VCR?

How many video connections can I have on the Codian MCU Series and MSE media blades?

I am connected to a conference using ConferenceMe and am not getting any audio, why?

I attempted to upgrade a TANDBERG Codian MCU and got the error 'image unsuitable for platform'. What has gone wrong?

I'm having trouble with a fan on a Codian product. What do I need to check?

Is Codian a member of a WEEE compliance scheme?

Is it normal for the picture to take some seconds to build up when multicasting to a PC from a Codian MCU?

Is the number of people who can stream a conference with content on a Codian MCU limited?

Multicast streaming on TANDBERG Codian products

My Cisco Telepresence products does not send HD resolutions to my TANDBERG MXP endpoint when the Motion / sharpness trade off is set to Balanced. What shall I do?

My calls involving a TANDBERG Codian MCU, IP GW, IP VCR, ISDN GW, Telepresence Server, VCS, TCS or endpoint disconnect unexpectedly after a fixed period of time

Obtaining event, H.323, SIP and diagnostic logs on a TANDBERG Codian product

Resetting a password on a TANDBERG Codian product and restoring a unit to its factory settings

Solving DTMF problems on TANDBERG Codian products

Under what conditions will a Codian MCU disconnect an IP session?

What are the SMNP System OIDs for TANDBERG Codian products?

What are the system requirements for ConferenceMe?

What codecs are supported on the TANDBERG Codian MCU using H.323 and SIP?

What do the different disconnect reasons on the Codian MCU mean?

What is meant by direct, routed and proxy mode on a gatekeeper?

What is the TMS API used for?

What is the TTL of endpoints registering with Codian internal gatekeepers?

What is the difference between the Service prefix and the Prefix for MCU registrations on a Codian MCU?

What is the max TTL value and hop number that Codian MCUs support for H.323 communication?

What is the minimum bandwidth required for H.239 for Codian MCU, IP VCR and ISDN GW units and blades?

What is the pinout of a Codian serial cable?

What size of compact flash card can I use in my TANDBERG Codian MCU or ISDN GW?

What warnings do I get on a Codian MCU that my conference is finishing?

What's the difference between SIF and CIF?

When are voice prompts used on the Codian MCU?

Which SIP RFCs do Codian products support?

Which SIP registrars have been tested for the Cisco Telepresence products ?

Which SNMP MIBs do Codian products support?

Which cameras have been tested with ConferenceMe?

Which gatekeepers have been tested for the Codian MCU?

Which media codecs does ConferenceMe require?

Which ports do TANDBERG Codian products and TANDBERG ConferenceMe use?

Which resolutions does the Codian MCU support in the H.239 channel?

Which versions of H.323, H.225 and H.245 do the Codian MCUs support?

Why am I getting continuous login failures in the event log on my Codian product?

Why am I having issues streaming with Windows Media Player from a Cisco Telepresence products?

Why am I having problems using ConferenceMe on a virtual machine?

Why am I having trouble neighboring my TANDBERG VCS with the TANDBERG Codian built-in gatekeeper?

Why am I seeing a lot of packet loss in one direction with my TANDBERG network products and why is the audio/video quality poor in that direction?

Why can't I share content between by TANDBERG Codian MCU and my TANDBERG or Polycom endpoint?

Why do I get the message 'Port limit exceeded' when I have fewer than my Codian MCU's maximum number of participants connected?

Why do I receive low resolutions when calling from a Polycom HDX to a Codian MCU 4200 Series?

Why do I see pink or green patches in my video stream with Codian products?

Why do my calls sometimes drop when using a Emblaze-Vcon MXM or Pathnavigator gatekeeper with a Codian MCU?

Why does calling out from conferences on Codian MCUs or recordings on IP VCRs registered with Asterisk fail?

Why does my Codian MCU / IP VCR / IP GW become unregistered from an ECS gatekeeper after network problems?

Why does my endpoint disconnect from the Codian MCU with H.225 error messages?

Why does my endpoint report a different resolution for transmit and receive when connected to a Codian MCU / IP VCR?

Why does my endpoint show H.264 for transmit and H.263 for receive when connected to a Codian MCU?

Why does the Codian MCU receive a low frame rate from my high resolution endpoint?

Why does the bandwidth sent from my endpoint to my Codian MCU drop?

Why does the bandwidth sent from the Codian MCU to my endpoint drop?

Why does the event log on the Codian MCU / ISDN GW display the error 'Failed to flush cache to external compact flash'?

Why doesn't my Codian MCU or IP endpoint receive any video from a TANDBERG MXP endpoint when using a Codian ISDN GW?

Why doesn't my VSX7000 display CIF H.264 at 30 fps when connected to a Codian MCU?

Why is my Lifesize endpoint receiving at 720p from the TANDBERG Cisco Telepresence products but not sending HD?

Why is my audio distorted when using G.722.1 Annex C?

Why is my video cropped around the edges on my TANDBERG Cisco Telepresence products?

Why is my video scaled incorrectly when streaming using Windows Media Player from a Codian MCU?

Why is video sometimes dropped between a Polycom MGC and a Codian IP VCR or MCU during a call?

Why won't my TANDBERG Codian product accept my valid SSL certificate?

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