Cisco Live Event Controller Data Sheet

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The Cisco ® Live Event Controller (LEC) is a server used by programmers and broadcasters to perform uplink-commanded, dynamic channel tuning for receivers. It provides the capability for programmers and broadcasters to manage the access rights of services based on event groups (Figure 1). Users define the event groups and assign decoders to the groups on the Cisco PowerVu ® Network Centre (PNC). Once decoders are assigned to groups, users can create and schedule live tuning events on the LEC. Decoders can be tuned by live events. The start and end times of an event are dynamically controlled by pushing a button. This feature provides users with an extra level of flexibility in managing services.

Figure 1. Overview of Live Event Tuning Mechanism

Cisco LEC is a server with an Asynchronous Serial Interface (ASI) card that interfaces with the multiplexer ASI card to pass through the event control data. The LEC also interfaces with the PNC and a General Purpose Input (GPI) module through Ethernet connections. The LEC client is accessed through the PNC GUI client.
The PNC monitors the LEC application. Network services and event group data are automatically coordinated between the PNC and LEC. Channel tuning events are imported through an easy-to-use web interface, and are triggered based on time or GPI triggers (button pushes). Event control data can be targeted to different groups of receivers. Receivers with LEC support are tuned to a designated channel based on event control data instructions.
Figure 2 summarizes the system interactions, and Figure 3 shows the Cisco LEC interface.

Figure 2. Cisco PowerVu Multichannel Distribution System

Figure 3. Sample Screen of the Cisco Live Event Controller


• Fast switching time based on scheduled or dynamic tuning (through a button push)

• Flexible channel-by-channel switching

• Easy-to-manage schedule that uses imported tuning events (Excel spreadsheet)

• Dual-redundant power supplies

• Capacity for one or more ASI cards, each with three ASI outputs

• Fifteen GPI contact sensors per GPI module

• Maximum 250 GPI contact sensors

• Support for up to 5000 event groups per LEC or PNC

• Support for up to 32 event group assignments per receiver

• Support for up to 32 event groups per tuning event

• Event definition file import

• Backup and restore capability

• Soft-button trigger capability

• Warm-standby redundancy support


Table 1 lists specifications for the Cisco Live Event Controller. Note that the LEC server is provided with the system; all other computers are optional. An additional Ethernet switch is required when using more than one GPI module.

Table 1. Product Specifications



Transport Input

DVB-ASI output

4 ASI outputs




75 ohms

TS packet length

188 B

ASI bitrate

213 Mbps

Power Requirements

AC power

110/220 VAC

Ordering Information

Table 2 provides ordering information for the Cisco Live Event Controller.

Table 2. Ordering Information


Part Number

LEC System (primary and backup)


Primary Live Event Controller


Backup (warm standby) Event Controller


Live Event Controller GUI


GPI Module Add-on