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Cisco Edge 340 Digital Media Player


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Updated:March 5, 2020

Available Languages

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    View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices
Updated:March 5, 2020

The Cisco® Edge 340 Digital Media Player is a next-generation versatile digital media player that combines webcasting and video sharing, digital signage, and business IPTV applications that can help transform how organizations learn, grow, communicate, and collaborate. Support from the broad Cisco partner ecosystem of deployment, solution development, and content creation partners helps ensure a successful digital media implementation.

Why Digital Media Is Popular and Important

Today, digital media has become the most compelling platform to instantly and effectively reach customers, employees, partners, and students with important information, news, training, and events. With digital media, organizations of all sizes are trying to provide direct, relevant communications and create richer and more satisfying experiences both for customers and end users, ultimately accelerating transformation across many aspects of the business.

Compared with traditional paper-based media, digital media preserves characteristics of face-to-face communication and brings both intimacy and immediacy to communications, providing straight, dynamic visual and audio information, which can be easily absorbed and retained by people, in turn improving product revenue and customer satisfaction. The content of digital media is centrally managed and distributed and can be updated instantly and easily customized based on location, time, audience, and so on, which will heavily increase product cross-sell and upsell. Besides, it is more cost-effective because of the savings on printing, material, staff, and so on.

Customer Challenges

With more and more deployments and advancement of digital media, customer and organizations are facing more challenges:

     How to communicate internally and externally more efficiently: One-way information broadcast and standard definition content are far from enough; high-definition content and two-way interaction with customer are needed.

     How to make digital media more smart and magnify its value in addition to communication: Customer needs open and extensible platform to enable more value-added applications to make it more intelligent, such as people counting and analysis, wayfinding, and so on.

     How to integrate digital media with emerging new business mode by introducing new technologies: typically online to offline (O2O), customer needs ways to interact and collaborate with digital media.

     How to create, manage, and distribute high-quality digital content through one system, not to integrate individual components from multiple, often small vendors, which will result in a high total cost of ownership, limited scalability, and low reliability.

     How to easily deploy and effectively operate a digital media system, in turn further reducing total owner cost.

Cisco Edge 340 Digital Media Player Overview

The Cisco Edge 340 Digital Media Player is a new purpose-built digital media  player that extends digital media to new, compelling applications for real-time and on-demand communications with flexible digital media creation, management, and publishing of content in various formats to multiple devices. With its hardware-based media acceleration capability, it can support up to two simultaneous high-definition video streams and comprehensive sets of content formats. It also can support both passive and interactive signage with touch and multitouch capabilities. It also provides a rich set of peripheral extensions, such as extendable storage, USB, RS-232, infrared with remote controller, and Wi-Fi to support very flexible deployment options and extended use cases.

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            Wireless                                               Non-Wireless





Compute and Storage



    1.60 GHz dual-core


     2.0 GB dual data rate 3 (DDR3) memory


     32 GB built-in Flash
     One SD slot (multilevel cell [MLC] SD card highly preferred)




     One HDMI (v1.3a)
     One VGA


     Audio in and out (3.5mm, jack)

Ethernet uplink

     One 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet


     Four USB2.0 interfaces (Type A)


    802.11a/b/g/n, dual-band, both access-point and client modes, and internal and external antennas with toggle switch, support for simultaneous access for multiple clients (available only on wireless SKU)


    Bluetooth v4.0 (available only on wireless SKU)


    One (DB-9, male)


     One (RJ-45)


    Built-in receiver
    One extender interface (3.5mm jack)
    IR remote (optional, maximum distance is 15 ft. [4.57m])

Business Benefits

     Supports up to two high-definition video streams and a comprehensive set of content formats with hardware acceleration, which enable customer to provide  high-quality and more attractive and dynamic media contents to enhance communication with lower cost.

     Supports interaction through touch and multitouch, USB, IR, and remote to enable two-way communication between customer and digital media system, which will highly improve customer experience, such as wayfinding and so on.

     Provides open and extensible system architecture, so customer can enable more value-added applications to make the digital media system more intelligent, typically analytical system; customer can further evaluate digital media system effects and dynamically adjust content based on statistics.

     Enables customer to create, manage, and distribute high-quality digital content through one system by collaborating with partner’s CMS system.

     Provides lower TCO with purpose-built appliance design with long lifecycle embedded chipset, compact fanless design, and low power consumption.

Broad Partner Ecosystem

The Cisco Digital Media Content Partners Program offers a broad partner ecosystem. Our partners provide deployment, solution development, and content creation to support a successful digital media implementation. The Cisco partner ecosystem includes:

     Focused partner community: These trained channel partners and systems integrators are specialized in Cisco Digital Media Suite deployments.

     Solution development partners: These partners continue to develop integrated solutions to further extend the capabilities of the Cisco Digital Media Suite for applications such as meeting room, interactive, and event-based signage.

For More Information

For more information about the Cisco Edge 300 Digital Media Player, visit Cisco.com or contact your local Cisco account representative.










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