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Secure Choice Enterprise Agreements At-a-Glance

At a Glance

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Updated:May 3, 2022

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Updated:May 3, 2022

Table of Contents



The choice is simple

The accelerated digital transformation over this past year—the sudden shift to remote work, more devices on and off network accessing corporate data—has only increased cybersecurity risks. Despite the number of security solutions that exist and enter the market, cyber threats are more prevalent than ever. Security needs to be simplified and easy to use so you can move faster and stay ahead of bad actors. Cisco® Secure takes an integrated platform approach to radically simplify your security, applying intelligence to anticipate the changing needs of your business and providing the protection you need everywhere so you can work anywhere.

Similarly, the way you buy security must also be simple and flexible. Buying a slew of disparate security products that aren’t easily integrated can get expensive to consume. Gone are the days where you need to keep track of renewal dates of multiple product licenses. Instead, a simplified buying experience means you can activate only the security you need faster, your resources go further, and it eases the burden of managing multiple security licenses from different vendors.

Buying through the Secure Choice Enterprise Agreement allows you the flexibility to access two or more security products. Secure Choice Enterprise Agreement makes staying on top of security software and licenses easy, lets budgets go further, and offers predictable billing over time so you can move faster in responding to security needs.

Choose Secure Choice Enterprise Agreement so you can:

     Buy it your way. Buy only what you need now, in a single agreement, and easily manage everything in one portal.

     Activate security fast. Access products and services whenever you need it. No new procurement or sales hoops to jump through.

     Instant cost savings. Get price protection and free growth up to 20%, with deeper discounts as you add additional products.

     Flexible payments. Pay annually, as you go, over three or five years, with 0% financing.

Cisco Secure products make security simple to choose and simple to use. And now with Secure Choice Enterprise Agreement, they’re simple to buy. You’ll get the convenience of a single agreement and only pay for what you need, with instant savings and the freedom to grow.

Products in Secure Choice Enterprise Agreement:

Secure Choice Enterprise Agreement terms:

  Secure Firewall (formerly Firepower NGFW)
  Secure Endpoint (formerly AMP for Endpoints)
  Umbrella ®
  Secure Network Analytics (formerly Stealthwatch)
  Secure Email (formerly Email Security)
  Identity Services Engine (ISE)
  Secure Web Appliance (formerly Web Security Appliance)
  Secure Workload (formerly Tetration)
  Secure Access by Duo (Cisco Duo)
  Kenna Security


  Secure Malware Analytics (formerly Threat Grid)
  Defense Orchestrator
  AnyConnect ®
  Cyber Vision
  Talos Incident Response Services
  Malware Defense Virtual Private Cloud license for Secure Email, Secure Endpoint, Secure Firewall, and/or Secure Web Appliance

*Optional products do not count toward the qualified two or more products with growth allowance or toward tiered discounts.

  Free growth allowance for qualified products, up to 20%
  Annual true forward—adjust contracts forward to the next annual cycle, no retroactive charges
  0% financing
  Basic support included
  Annual pay as you go over three or five years
  Geographic availability—major global markets

Cisco Enterprise Agreement

Cisco Secure Choice Enterprise Agreement is part of the overall Cisco Enterprise Agreement. The Cisco Enterprise Agreement is a cross-architecture buying program that lets organizations purchase and manage software and supporting services spanning all architectures through a single, flexible, three- or five-year agreement. The architectures included are: Cisco DNA, Data Center, Collaboration, and Security.

Next steps

You can learn more at cisco.com/go/secure-choice-ea.

Let’s talk today about your top security challenges that we can confront together by making security programs simpler and more effective.




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