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Cisco Support Essentials Service At-a-Glance

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Updated:July 13, 2020

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Updated:July 13, 2020

Table of Contents



Protect your network investment and your small business

In today’s interconnected business environment, customer satisfaction, employee productivity, and profitability all increasingly depend on the network. This is true no matter what size your business is. But support needs can vary by business, which is why Cisco offers a comprehensive range of service options.

For small businesses on a budget, Cisco® Support Essentials Service provides the cost-effective hardware support that your growing small business needs to help ensure reliability, contain expenses, and protect your Cisco network investment.

When a network problem disrupts your business systems, you want helpful online technical resources along with a support team that has a deep understanding of your products to help you resolve issues quickly. Support Essentials combines award-winning technical support with entry-level affordability. Delivered by Cisco, this service can help solve routine product issues that might arise.


     Reduces your risk of downtime by providing access to Cisco technical experts and tools

     Increases operational reliability by helping to reduce the effects of potential network problems and allowing your IT staff to focus on your core business

     Provides support above and beyond product warranties

     Minimizes costs: a single uncovered service transaction can cost more than a one-year Support Essentials contract

Cost-efficient hardware support to keep you covered

Support Essentials Service provides an easy, cost-effective way to gain basic technical support that delivers better Cisco product coverage than a typical warranty can provide. Warranties offer limited protection and are usually effective only for a short time after your device purchase. When your product is covered only by a warranty, you may have to wait multiple days for a shipment to replace defective hardware, which can seriously disrupt the flow of your business. Also, warranties do not provide you with expert technical support, online tools and resources, or operating system software updates.

Support Essentials is designed for small business customers for whom next-business-day hardware replacement is a reasonable option. Designed for cost-conscious businesses that do not have a large IT staff or a large-scale budget, Support Essentials can enhance operational reliability, reduce total cost of ownership, and help protect your Cisco network investment.

The service includes:

     Callback support from Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) engineers within one business day

     8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Next-Business-Day (8x5xNBD) hardware replacements

     Operating system software maintenance releases

     Online access to tools and resources

     Entitlement to smart capabilities

Table 1.           Main features of Cisco Support Essentials

Advance hardware replacement

Cisco Technical Assistance Center support

Cisco knowledge base and tools

Operating system software

Eligible devices

8 x 5 x Next Business Day (NBD)

Callback support within one business day from TAC engineers

(Non-urgent callback priority)

Full online access

Maintenance bug fixes

Select routers, switches, and wireless access point products

For more information

Contact your local Cisco account representative or authorized Cisco reseller today. We can answer your questions and explore with you how Cisco Support Essentials Service can help ensure the network reliability you need to maintain the competitive advantages of your business.

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