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Cisco IPICS Operational Views

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The Cisco® IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (Cisco IPICS) portfolio of products and applications streamlines daily operations and allows organizations to rapidly respond to incidents or emergencies. It dissolves communications silos between disparate Land Mobile Radio systems and devices such as mobile phones, landline phones, IP phones, and PC clients-users can communicate with whatever device they have, from wherever they are. Users can be paged or emailed with the status of an event, and can be automatically called and invited to join a virtual conference, further improving situation awareness and reducing response time. Cisco IPICS provides flexible and scalable communications interoperability, enhancing the value of existing and new radio, telephony, and IP communications networks.

The Cisco IPICS Operational Views (Ops Views) application augments Cisco IPICS by facilitating interagency collaboration while providing each participating entity the ability to selectively share and maintain control of its own resources. When multiple agencies, jurisdictions, locations, or departments have a need to share information or resources across "ownership and organizational boundaries", Cisco IPICS Ops Views offers a dynamic mechanism with secure control and logical segmentation of the management, visibility, and access to system resources so that organizations can function fully independent and autonomously from on another.
With Cisco IPICS Ops Views, each agency or jurisdiction retains control of its own communications resources, including people, networks, and devices. The resources that belong to each entity appear in a separate operational view on the Cisco IPICS Administration Console (Figure 1). Agencies can stipulate which resources they will share with other agencies during emergencies and routine operations, based on governance and local agency policy needs. To share a resource as an incident escalates, the dispatcher who belongs to one operational view creates a virtual talk group (VTG) and includes the previously shared dispatcher resources from other operational views. Then all dispatchers simply select appropriate personnel or communications channels from a list of their own resources that are not published to the other operational views and add them into the existing VTG, thereby enabling these resources to communicate directly across operational views during an incident. The ability to share resources across operational views facilitates simple, scalable, comprehensive communications interoperability among agencies, departments, or locations.

Figure 1. Cisco IPICS Operational View

The Cisco IPICS Ops Views application is a licensed software application that is hosted by the Cisco IPICS Server. Other Cisco IPICS system components include the Cisco IPICS Policy Engine, Cisco IPICS Push-to-Talk Management Center (PMC), Cisco IPICS Phone Client, Cisco Land Mobile Radio (LMR) gateways, Router Media Service (RMS) gateways, and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) telephony gateways.
Cisco IPICS is a systems-level, network-based solution for voice interoperability. It takes full advantage of open IP standards and IP network infrastructure for greater resiliency, scaling, and security, and is part of a complete communications solution for organizations of all sizes (Figure 2.)

Figure 2. Cisco IPICS Solution

Features and Benefits

By enabling resource segmentation, Cisco IPICS Ops Views facilitates greater flexibility and enhanced manageability of Cisco IPICS resources to provide the following organizational benefits:

• Resource sharing across organizational boundaries: Participants can share agreed-upon resources, such as channels or dispatchers, across operational views to facilitate collaboration among agencies, departments, or locations.

• Preservation of organization and ownership boundaries: Cisco IPICS Ops Views allows your organization to create separate operational views for its own resources, sharing resources only when needed for incident response.

• Lower cost of ownership: The ability to share resources when needed avoids the expense of purchasing additional radios for personnel from other agencies.

• Increased security for resource management: Cisco IPICS Ops Views limits operator and dispatcher access to predefined Cisco IPICS resources and isolates other resources from the view of other users.

• Extension of Cisco IPICS functions: Multiple virtual instances of Cisco IPICS can reside on the same server, allowing organizations to share common server hardware while allowing each agency to control and manage its own resources.

• Centralized management: The administrator can manage all operational views from the same interface.

• Incident escalation between operational views: When a dispatcher is shared among operational views, the dispatcher has the authority to share other resources as needed for effective incident response, such as radio channels or other dispatchers.

Product Specifications

The Cisco IPICS Operational Views application is supported on Cisco IPICS Server Software Release 2.1(1).

Ordering Information

Cisco IPICS Operational Views software is available as a licensed feature of the Cisco IPICS Server Software.
To place an order, visit the Cisco Ordering Home Page. To download software, visit the Cisco Software Center.
Table 1 gives ordering information for Cisco IPICS Ops Views software.

Table 1. Ordering Information

Product Name

Part Number

Cisco Operational Views for IPICS 2.0 or Higher


Service and Support

Using the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach, Cisco and its partners provide a broad portfolio of end-to-end services and support that can help increase the business value of your network and your return on investment. This approach defines the minimum set of activities needed, by technology and by network complexity, to help you successfully deploy and operate Cisco technologies and optimize their performance throughout the lifecycle of your network.

For More Information

For more information about the Cisco IPICS product and solution, visit: or contact your local Cisco account representative.