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Capturing Cisco Instant Connect Interactions

The Cisco® Instant Connect solution provides IP-based dispatch and incident response capabilities to public safety agencies, schools and universities, utilities, and other organizations for which reliable, secure, real-time communication is critical. Instant Connect takes a logical leap forward to create a truly unified environment by using an IP network to seamlessly integrate critical and enterprise communications - land mobile radio, voice over IP (VoIP), mobile phones, PCs, and mobile applications.

Recording interactions from a complex blend of communications media and applications requires a robust, tightly integrated solution to capture and archive vast amounts of data. It also takes a powerful and easy-to-use interface to retrieve, play back, and analyze communications for immediate use, incident reconstruction, and user evaluation and training.

HigherGround® Unified Recording™ has been selected and certified for use as Cisco’s primary interaction recording solution. Unified Recording features scalable, reliable, and secure recording, with an intuitive interface that allows users to quickly learn to use the system effectively.

The HigherGround Difference

HigherGround provides best-in-class recording solutions for incident reconstruction in public safety and performance monitoring in contact centers. Our full-featured products transform data into actionable intelligence, enabling decisions with certainty to enhance user performance, increase productivity, improve outcomes, and reduce costs. 

HigherGround has worked closely with Cisco for many years to develop this advanced integration, and is the only Instant Connect Certified Solution Plus partner for recording. 

Interaction Recording Solution

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HigherGround Unified Recording delivers a cost-effective, reliable, multi-channel recording and incident reconstruction solution for critical communications in public safety and enterprise operations. Easy to use and directly integrated with Cisco Instant Connect radio and telecommunication systems, Unified Recording exceeds next-generation 9-1-1 standards and provides proactive monitoring and notification to ensure 24-hour daily system uptime.


Unified Recording reconstructs entire incident timelines, enabling increased productivity, forensic analysis, and effective communications. With Unified Recording, users can instantly play back recent or archived interactions from any desktop.

Seamless Integration with Cisco Instant Connect

HigherGround Unified Recording connects to the Cisco Instant Connect server to record all audio and metadata from any source, using a standard Ethernet connection. Hardware requirements increase with the size of the network - most require only basic servers with a RAID 1 configuration and the ability to back up to a network drive. 

A full suite of products and services to design, deploy, and support the system are available on the Cisco pricelist, and can be procured along with other Cisco products and services. Table 1 provides an overview of the solution’s attributes and requirements.


Table 1.           Solution Attributes and Requirements



Supported platforms

Instant Connect direct integration

Cisco Call Manager - Span port and built-in bridge

Integration with Motorola P25 and MOTOTRBO

Data captured

Audio; metadata, including talk ID, channel name, and user ID; screen captures from console applications


Designed to integrate with applications and capture new data types rapidly and economically

Hardware requirements

Windows 2012 Server with a minimum of 32 GB RAM and 1 TB RAID 1 array. Can be configured as VMWare and installed on Cisco UCS®

Network requirements

HigherGround recorder must be able to communicate with the Cisco Instant Connect server

Services available

Configuration, design, integration, deployment, 24-hour daily support, and maintenance provided by HigherGround and Certified Partners; Cisco Services Plus direct support

Integration Topology

Only HigherGround is Cisco certified to integrate directly with the Instant Connect server. The integration allows access to all audio and data with one simple connection, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1:   HigherGround Integration with Cisco Instant Connect

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Table 2.           HigherGround Unified Recording Ordering Information

Solution Plus PID

PID Description


HigherGround Unified Recording Core (1 required per location)


Channel Recording License (1 license per multicast address/endpoint, phone line)


Channel Recording License 10 Pack (order 1 for every 10 channels)


Channel Recording License 50 Pack (order 1 for every 50 channels)


Channel Recording License 100 Pack (order 1 for every 100 channels)


Channel Recording License 500 Pack (order 1 for every 500 channels)


Channel Recording License 1000 Pack (order 1 for every 1000 channels)


Built In Bridge (order for each line to fork multicast)


Web Interface (order 1 for every user that needs to access recordings through a web browser)


Screen Capture (order 1 for each screen that needs to be recorded)


Agent Evaluation (order 1 for each agent evaluation/training position needed)


Remote Installation (order 1 for each system- this must be included on every full Unified Recording package) Includes up to 8 hours of support.


Remote Web Based Training per unit (Order 1 for each 8 Hours)


Integration to Motorola Astro P25 API (Order 1 for each Astro 25 license/customer)


Table 3.           HigherGround Unified Recording Express (less than 100 streams) Ordering Information

Solution Plus PID

PID Description


HigherGround Instant Connect Express up to 100 streams (1 required per location). Includes Unified Recording core, 10 streams, and remote installation. Perfect starter kit which can be sold to complement Cisco Instant Connect Express or Cisco Call Manager Express.


Add 10 streams to Instant Connect Recording. (only 9 can be ordered to each Unified Recording Express system)


Upgrade from Unified Recording Express recording to full Unified Recording (100+ streams). Order this for each upgrade from express to full Unified Recording.



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