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Control Hub Extended Security Pack Data Sheet

Data Sheet

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Updated:February 4, 2022

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Updated:February 4, 2022


Webex® connects people with each other and their work, whether you are collaborating with partners or working with your own customers.

Webex delivers highly secure world-class messaging, meetings, and calling experiences from your pocket to the boardroom, to optimize and modernize employee and customer experiences.

Product overview

Enterprises require controls to ensure their employees don’t accidentally or intentionally send sensitive and critical information via collaboration tools. Examples of such information include intellectual property, patient records, credit card numbers, and social security numbers.

IT administrators also need to protect against malware and ransomware that may get distributed when sharing files externally or when using devices that aren’t managed by their corporate IT teams.

The Extended Security Pack for Control Hub can help you protect your company’s data, your partners, and your customers by bundling data loss prevention and anti-malware capabilities in an add-on flex collaboration offer.

The Extended Security Pack provides collaboration administrators with agility and peace of mind so they can more securely deploy Webex in their enterprises by addressing all information security concerns in one tightly integrated solution.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

The Extended Security Pack includes the full set of functionalities from Cisco Cloudlock® for Webex. Cloudlock enables organizations to more securely adopt Webex by providing full visibility and control over sensitive data stored in Webex. Cloudlock identifies critical information such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Health Information (PHI), and Payment Card Information (PCI) as well as other proprietary information to adhere to regulatory compliance and internal data protection mandates. When sensitive information is detected in violation of customer policies, Cloudlock triggers incidents and automatically takes risk-appropriate actions such as notifying end users and admins of violations and deleting violating content (file or message) from a Webex space as well as Webex Meetings post-meeting transcripts and highlights. Figure 1 is a screenshot of an incident view within Cloudlock.

Cisco Cloudlock for Webex - Incident View

Figure 1.               

Cisco Cloudlock for Webex - Incident View

Key functionality highlights

Mitigate increased risk of data exposure in cloud applications

Combating data leakage in the cloud can be challenging given the collaborative nature of cloud environments and the ease with which they enable users to access, create, and share sensitive information. Organizations struggle to bridge the gap between legacy data protection tools and the limited level of visibility and control they provide within cloud environments. This is particularly true when cloud applications are being accessed by external users or remote and roaming employees who are not on the corporate network.

Identify sensitive data in cloud environments

Cloudlock continuously monitors Webex environments with a powerful cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) engine that can identify when sensitive information stored in cloud environments is in violation of policy. With Cloudlock, security professionals enforce out-of-the-box policies focused on common sensitive information sets, such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) and HIPAA compliance, as well as custom policies to identify proprietary data such as intellectual property. Advanced capabilities such as custom Regular Expression (RegEx) input, threshold settings, and proximity controls help to ensure high true positive and low false positive rates.

Mitigate risk through automated responses

Cloudlock takes cloud DLP beyond discovery by offering configurable, cross-platform, automated response actions. Through an API-driven Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) architecture, Cloudlock supports deep, integrated response workflows that leverage the native capabilities of Webex—from end user and admin notifications to the automated deletion of sensitive data. Figure 2 shows the web interface of Cloudlock’s Automated Response.

Cisco Cloudlock for Webex - Automated Response

Figure 2.               

Cisco Cloudlock for Webex - Automated Response

Anti-malware capabilities

The Extended Security Pack includes a built-in anti-malware engine that scans all file uploads for Trojan attacks, viruses, malware, and other malicious threats. All files in spaces that you designate will be scanned and remediated, even if they are uploaded by external users.

Infected files will be marked clearly and end users will not be able to download them on both corporate managed and personally managed devices. There is no limit on the number of files that can be scanned as part of this Extended Security Pack subscription.

Figure 3 shows an instance of the Extended Security Pack blocking a file.

Blocking an infected file

Figure 3.               

Blocking an infected file

Ethical Wall

Ethical walls (also known as Block Internal Communication) allows Webex administrators to define simple rules in Control Hub to prevent certain groups of users from collaborating with each other within Webex Spaces. Administrators can configure up to 5 policies each with AD (Active Directory) groups. Once policies are defined, restricted groups cannot invite each other to spaces or initiate conversations; however, they can still communicate with users in the rest of the company. Policy enforcement is typically in line (i.e., violations are identified and blocked before they occur).

For example. at a large bank, investment bankers and company research analysts shouldn’t communicate to avoid a conflict of interest.

Ethical walls

Figure 4.               

Ethical walls

With Webex, the end user does not have to worry about who they are allowed to communicate with because the Ethical Walls corporate policy Webex will automatically block them from inviting restricted disallowed users before it happens based on simple rules defined in the Webex Control Hub.

This feature ensures that organizations can maintain compliance with relevant company industry standards and regulations (e.g.e.g., FINRA), and avoid potential conflicts of interest.

The Ethical Walls feature acts in a forward looking manner after it is enabled by the admin in Control Hub. In an upcoming enhancement (currently in limited availability) we will provide the ability to retroactively scan for existing violations in Webex spaces and evict users from those spaces that are out of policy compliance and thus eliminate violations. This scenario typically occurs when users switch jobs and in the process undergo an AD group membership change. Due to this membership change, they may be in violation of one or more Ethical Walls policies.

Note:      Support for retroactive policy enforcement mentioned above is coming soon and will be available when the feature is GA (target: (Q1 CY22).

Summary of features

Table 1 summarizes the compliance features of Webex.

Table 1.           Compliance features



Data loss prevention

Use Cisco Cloudlock to:

  Gain visibility into and control over sensitive information stored in Webex. Admins can leverage 80+ existing policies or create new custom policies
  Mitigate the risk of cloud data leakage through powerful, automated response actions when sensitive data is discovered. When policies are violated, Cloudlock will automatically delete files or messages, notify users or admins, and remove users from spaces
  Support adherence to compliance regulations within your cloud applications’ security incident lifecycle directly from SIEM systems


The built-in, high-performance anti-malware engine scans all file uploads for Trojans, viruses, malware, and other malicious threats. Infected files will be marked and cannot be downloaded by end users

Ethical Wall

Enables IT admins to prevent certain group of users within their organization from communicating with each other. It helps organization maintain compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations (e.g. FINRA), and avoid potential conflicts of interest

Ordering information

The Webex Extended Security Pack can be purchased within the Collaboration Flex Plan subscription (A-FLEX). See the Collaboration Flex Plan Ordering Guide for details on how to add this feature to a Collaboration Calling and/or Meetings subscription.

Table 2.           Product SKUs and descriptions




Extended Security Pack NU add-on


Extended Security Pack EntW add-on for 250-1,999 KWs


Extended Security Pack EntW add-on for 2,000-9,999 KWs


Extended Security Pack EntW add-on for 10,000+ KWs


Extended Security Pack Active User add-on for 250-1,999 KWs


Extended Security Pack Active User add-on for 2,000-9,999 KWs


Extended Security Pack Active User add-on for 10,000+ KWs


Extended Security Pack Entitlement

Frequently asked questions

Q.  Are Cloudlock functionality limitations in the Extended Security Pack?
A.   No, the full functionality of Cisco Cloudlock is packaged in the Extended Security Pack. All you need to do is provision a compliance officer user in Control Hub and have that user authorize Cloudlock for Webex.
Q.  If I like Cloudlock for Webex, can I use it to protect my other SaaS and cloud services such as Box?
A.   Yes, you can buy additional licenses for Box and other SaaS services by contacting your account team or partner. Management for all application will be done via a single console.
Q.  Can I only enable DLP capabilities because I already have a malware scanner on my devices?
A.   Yes, there is a Control Hub setting to enable and disable malware scans.
Q.  Will malware scanning delay my file uploads and impact user experience?
A.   No, the anti-malware engine has high performance and files will be scanned within a few seconds. The files will be uploaded to spaces instantly, but they cannot be downloaded or previewed until the malware scan is complete. There is no visible difference to the end-user experience.
Q.  Will administrators have the option to disable and enable malware scanning for their organization?
A.   Yes, administrators will have option to disable malware scanning for their organization in Control Hub.

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