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Cisco DX Series: Empower Your Organization with an Integrated Collaboration Experience Solution Overview

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What You Will Learn

The benefits of collaboration are widely acknowledged. Yet organizations have struggled to integrate the array of communications solutions used for collaboration. Research has shown that they want an integrated endpoint that makes communications and collaboration applications easier to use and scale. Now Cisco is introducing something new to the collaboration market to simplify the work day, increase productivity, and dramatically enhance working relationships. Meet the Cisco® DX (Desk Experience) Series, a truly innovative set of multifunction touchscreen devices. The Cisco DX Series offers an integrated collaboration device for people who spend a lot of their time collaborating and need an uncompromised experience at their fingertips. These multifunction touchscreen devices provide high-definition (HD) video meetings with Cisco TelePresence® and H.264 AVC video standard systems, including smartphones, at the touch of a button. They also integrate with Cisco WebEx®, Cisco Unified Communications, video-enabled Cisco Jabber® messaging, and business and custom applications. An overview of the market demand for these devices with their features and benefits follows.


Recent studies by Gartner, Forrester, and Frost & Sullivan have all shown a desire among a majority of companies surveyed to adopt a new class of multipurpose desktop endpoints that go beyond basic voice communications to enhance virtual meetings. Video is seen as a more effective mode of communications, where body language can be read and relationships can be improved. Executives and individual contributors alike appreciate the flexibility of video conferencing in home offices to provide better work-life balance. Managers like to see their direct reports to foster trust and improved communication. HD video conferencing has been shown to make virtual meetings more effective, virtual teams more productive, and virtual expertise more accessible. These and other imperatives are influencing the adoption of collaboration solutions that go beyond basic voice communications and include an array of features and integration capabilities (Figure 1).

Users want video meetings to be as easy to initiate as a phone call. And they want integration with applications on their other devices, both PCs and smartphones. IT wants a quickly scalable unified communications and collaboration environment that integrates a wide array of existing enterprise applications, mobile and cloud applications, and tools to customize the user interface on the multipurpose desktop endpoint. All that and more is available with the Cisco DX Series.

Figure 1.      Evolving Trends That Are Shaping a New Era in Enterprise Communications

Source: Frost & Sullivan, Global Enterprise Communications Platforms and Endpoints Market, May 2012

Business Benefits

The Cisco DX Series provides many benefits to both the end user and the enterprise, including the ability to:

   Enhance productivity with high-definition voice and video and comprehensive unified communications capabilities that enable more effective communications.

   Simplify collaboration with intuitive, user-friendly touchscreen navigation. Getting operational is simple too. Users can set up any of the DX devices within minutes with the simple self-provisioning process.

   Add innovative applications with instant access to Google Play business applications.

   Personalize the user experience with support from the Android operating system, including unified communications widget apps for quickly reaching favorites.

Cisco DX Series Overview

Unlike many endpoints, the Cisco DX Series blends mission-critical business communications with intuitive touchscreen navigation and innovative personalization options of mobile consumer smartphones. The result is evolutionary multiutility collaboration endpoints that build on Cisco's expertise in enterprise communications with an experience that has the power to strengthen relationships and accelerate productivity. The Cisco DX Series takes collaboration to an extraordinary new level with expanded capabilities and value-based pricing to scale to every desktop in every organization. Easy to use and integrate with all of the communications and collaboration applications users need most, the Cisco DX Series features include:

   High-definition 1080p desktop video that is interoperable with Cisco Unified IP Phones, Cisco TelePresence endpoints and room systems, and the Cisco Jabber application, as well as all third-party endpoints supporting the H.264 AVC video standard.

   Extensive Cisco Unified Communications telephony feature compatibility.

   Android operating system integration and out-of-the-box access to fully integrated Android applications.

   Cisco Collaboration applications, such as Cisco WebEx meeting applications for real-time web conferencing.

   The Cisco Jabber messaging platform for presence and instant messaging, which runs natively on the device and enables a smoother, integrated collaboration experience across applications.

   Enterprise-grade end-to-end, multilevel access security (endpoints, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, network layer).

In just minutes, users can unpack any of the Cisco DX Series devices, plug them in, and launch a video call quickly and easily (Figure 2). The multitouch capacitive touchscreen is intuitive, much like a smartphone. Multiuser personalization and customization options are enabled by the Android operating system, an open development platform. With Cisco Intelligent Proximity, users experience tighter integration with their mobile devices. Users can share contacts lists and call histories and even move active calls from their smartphone to any Cisco DX Series endpoints when they’re at their desk.

Figure 2.      Cisco DX Series - DX650, DX70, and DX80

The Cisco DX Series includes the following devices:

   Cisco DX650 - Compact device with an integrated 7-in. touchscreen and option to use with an external monitor for content viewing.

   Cisco DX70 - Midsize device with a 14-in. fully touch-based screen and ability to share PC content while in meetings.

   Cisco DX80 - All-in-one 23-in. touchscreen and ability to share PC content while in meetings; this series defines the desktop experience with just one screen on the desk.

Given the level of integrated collaboration capabilities of these devices for employees whose work is highly collaborative, the Cisco DX70 or Cisco DX80 is likely to be the predominant device on their desktop. Although not a full PC replacement, the underlying Android platform provides access from the Cisco DX Series to a broad range of applications. Users can connect a PC to the Cisco DX devices to use the DX display as an external monitor and to share desktop content in meetings through HDMI input. With built-in wireless connectivity, the Cisco DX Series is adaptable for a variety of environments at the office or home, in a shared work space, or in a shared quiet room. The Cisco DX Series is an exciting new product for all collaborators - executives, managers, contact center agents, distance-learning instructors, nurses, manufacturing-shift operators, and many other types of workers.

The Cisco DX Series is ideal for staff members who work at a desk, either full or part time, and who regularly interact with geographically dispersed colleagues, subject-matter experts, partners, suppliers, and customers. Workspaces can be located in a corporate headquarters, branch or home offices, or open office environments (Figure 3).

Figure 3.      The Cisco DX Series Meets the Collaboration Needs of Different Roles

Here are some of the many ways the Cisco DX Series can help encourage dynamic collaboration for the individuals shown in Figure 3:

   Irene, supply chain manager: Primary communications for this information worker are with partners and suppliers. Irene quickly coordinates virtual meetings with impromptu and on-demand collaboration capabilities such as video and web conferencing, instant messaging, and presence. With HD video communications, Irene can forge tighter relationships with key suppliers and eliminate misunderstandings on critical sourcing discussions. She also uses social networking tools for brainstorming with strategic partners to help grow the business and streamline operations.

   David, VP of sales: Interactions for this executive commonly occur with customers and colleagues. He uses HD desktop video for strategic meetings, discussions about major concerns, and crisis management. High-quality audio and video help speed decision making and establish good relationships with direct reports - even if they are located in a different country. David regularly uses the integrated presence to identify, locate, and instantly connect with experts, because it speeds time to problem resolution. Uncompromised collaboration also helps him resolve problems among his remote team more efficiently and allows them to capitalize on opportunities to sell additional products and services.

   Reena, contact center representative: This task worker shares her workspace with other contact center representatives. Cisco DX Series delivers all the capabilities she needs to be productive with a single device. She uses powerful, customizable collaborative care applications, such as the Cisco Finesse® next-generation agent and supervisor desktop from the cloud, which gives her the information and resources she needs to handle urgent requests from important customers. Virtualized applications such as Cisco Social Miner enable Reena to proactively respond to prospective and existing customers through the social media channels they use. Combined with HD video, these collaborative tools help increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Transforming How Collaborators Work

The Cisco DX Series offers a shift in the way users who spend a lot of time collaborating work by enhancing their productivity with more efficient workflows. The touchscreen with easy-to-use navigation simplifies audio, video, and web conferencing. You can bring team members together effortlessly and customize the home screen with your favorite contacts presented as visual tiles or other Android application widgets (Figure 4). Although no peripheral accessories are required, users have the option of using wideband audio handsets as well as a Bluetooth or USB headset, keyboard, and mouse.

Figure 4.      Cisco DX Series Home Screen with Favorite Contacts

Instantly access social media to monitor business conversations and view streamed video on corporate and personal social media accounts such as Google+, Twitter, and YouTube. Share call histories from your personal mobile device to a DX Series endpoint through Bluetooth, for added convenience and increased productivity with the Cisco Intelligent Proximity feature. Improve the experience in nonprivate work environments by eliminating background noise with the Cisco Intelligent Audio feature.

Cisco Unified Communications Features

Your organization can move beyond traditional IP communications with the multiutility capabilities of the Cisco DX Series. A full range of Cisco Unified Communications features includes:

   Contact Badges: You can drag favorite and frequent contacts from the directory to your personalized home screen. Then, with a simple touch, you can instantly reach the contacts you need by multimodal (voice, video, email, and instant messaging) communications using the Contact Badges feature.

   Mobile contacts and call history sharing: Cisco Intelligent Proximity brings the worlds of personal mobile devices, such as smartphones, closer together with the DX Series. You can transfer active calls from your mobile device to your Cisco DX endpoint when at the desk through Bluetooth, for added convenience and enhanced productivity. This transfer is accomplished using Cisco Intelligent Proximity capabilities.

   Single Number Reach: All inbound callers, including colleagues, customers, partners, or suppliers, can be given one number to reach you. Whether at a desk using a DX Series endpoint or when traveling and using personal mobile devices, you can be reached easily.

   Multiuser login and Extension Mobility: The DX Series also supports different user profiles from the same endpoint. You can access your personal contact lists and call logs, and make any unit your own with Extension Mobility. This capability makes the DX Series ideal for shared workspace environments such as nurse stations, retail banking, and customer care centers.

Cisco WebEx and Cisco Jabber Integration

With the Cisco DX Series, industry-leading Cisco Collaboration applications, such as Cisco WebEx and Cisco Jabber solutions, are integrated and fully functional right out of the box. This integration means you can:

   Easily schedule and join audio and video conferences

   Start an individual or group chat with WebEx® meeting participants

   Share videos and view shared documents in real time to accelerate decision making

Cisco Jabber integration on the DX Series delivers secure, business-grade integrated presence and instant messaging. This powerful combination allows you to reach out to subject-matter experts (SMEs) and quickly determine if and when colleagues are available. Presence and instant messaging help you instantly reach out to colleagues and increase your productivity.

Deep integration on the DX Series accelerates every collaborative experience and can transform workflows. You can:

   Initiate voice and video calls from the phone dialer.

   View a colleague’s presence status from email received in your inbox.

   Escalate a Jabber® instant messaging conversation into a WebEx meeting.

   Schedule and start WebEx meetings directly from your calendar.

Integration with Cloud Applications

As more businesses begin to embrace the cloud, the Cisco DX Series is positioned to support your employees. The DX Series comes standard with Android and Google browsers, enabling you to access cloud services from Cisco as well as third-party cloud services. You also have access to the ecosystem of Android applications, available from cloud-based commercial marketplaces such as Google Play and Amazon.

Personalized Experiences

You can easily customize any of the Cisco DX devices to reflect your unique communications needs and collaborative work style. You can add personal touches that are popular with consumer mobile smartphones, such as customizing your home screen and ringtone. You can further personalize it with Android widgets from Cisco and third-party Android apps, such as personal contact directories (if permitted by corporate IT).

The IT administrator has the flexibility to select user settings depending on the user profile:

   Simple mode - default mode, focuses on core communication experience in a simple way similar to our existing Collaboration products.

   Enhanced mode - opens the capabilities of the device with full access to Android (e.g., apps from play store).

   Public mode - mainly used for devices in public spaces like lobby and shared workspaces, etc.

You can also share contacts and call histories from your personal mobile device through Bluetooth with Cisco Intelligent Proximity. In addition, the Android operating system makes it easy for businesses to create their own custom applications, accelerating and simplifying business processes. To learn more about how to get started, visit

Collaboration as Easy and Effective Outside the Network as It Is Inside

Getting started with the DX is simple, even when deploying off campus for remote workers. Administrators have the choice of using either Cisco Expressway or the built-in Cisco AnyConnect® VPN for a secure remote connection. With Expressway, users can access all their collaboration workloads (video, voice, content, instant messaging, and presence) without requiring the extra step of a VPN. Expressway offers an easy configuration process, allows smooth connectivity, and does not require any special equipment at remote sites such as a Cisco Virtual Office. It helps make collaboration as simple and effective at home or on the road as it is inside the office. Administrators who prefer a VPN connection still have that option with the proven Cisco AnyConnect VPN software built in to the DX.

Multilayer Security

The Cisco DX Series features security at multiple levels of the network infrastructure.

Endpoints are secured with secure boot, credential storage, image authentication and encryption, and an encrypted file system. Cisco Unified Communications Manager provides security inside and outside of the enterprise. Media and data are secured through Transport Layer Security/Secure Real-Time Transfer Protocol) TLS/SRTP and Secure HTTP (HTTPS). Enterprise access is protected with Cisco AnyConnect® Secure Mobility Client and support for Web proxy. The network layer is secured with Wireless-WPA2 (Extensible Authentication Protocol-Flexible Authentication via Secure Tunneling [EAP-FAST]) and Wired-802.1x TLS. The Cisco DX Series also features Security-Enhanced Android, which enhances the level of security on the device by isolating applications to prevent hackers from being able to access corporate data and end users’ personal data.

Why Cisco?

Today’s enterprises require best-in-class communications and collaboration through an array of rich media and data applications. Cisco unified communications, collaboration, video, presence, and cloud-based applications are interoperable for investment protection. And they’re proven, with more than 3 million video and Cisco TelePresence endpoints sold and millions of customers around the world using them every day.

Next Steps

For more information about the Cisco DX Series, visit or contact your local Cisco account representative.