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The proliferation of Internet-connected devices and the explosion of video and data traffic are driving complexity in the home network. Increasing numbers of new devices need to be installed and provisioned, and multiple devices running multiple applications often create resource contention within the home. These factors trigger support calls and truck rolls for the service provider, and automating and simplifying management of customer premises equipment (CPE) in home networks has become mission-critical.

This creates both challenges and opportunities for service providers. While they are looking for ways to lower operating expenses and improve customer satisfaction, they are also looking to quickly deliver new and differentiated services and drive new consumer revenue opportunities. Service providers face high new customer acquisition costs, and the increase in consumer choice for broadband (DSL, cable, 3G/4G, satellite, fiber, and WiMAX) and over-the-top services from nontraditional providers is driving intense competition for subscriber share-of-wallet.

Product Overview

Cisco Prime Home is a server and cloud-based network management platform based on the Broadband Forum's TR-069 suite of protocols to provision and manage in-home devices. The solution discovers detailed information about all connected devices in the home and provides visibility for both service providers and subscribers through easy-to-use web portals. The platform also includes a flexible applications engine that provides a means for the service provider to offer new, high-value consumer home network services.

Features and Capabilities

Cisco Prime Home provides visibility into the home network, reduces operational costs, and improves the subscriber experience. Powerful customer support tools, an intuitive consumer portal, and extensive analytics combine to make the home network easier to set up and support.

Multidevice management: The TR-069-compliant autoconfiguration server provides management from the network to the gateway and into the home. While the gateway is becoming an increasingly important device and control point for service providers, TR-069 can reach beyond the gateway and provide management for IP set-top boxes, next-generation converged IP set-top boxes, Network Attached Storage (NAS), femtocells, IP phones, powerline adapters, IP cameras, and more. Cisco Prime Home provides deep operational visibility into these devices and the network behind them.

Automated remote device management functions: Cisco Prime Home allows service providers to proactively manage and maintain gateway and network health and improve operational efficiency with simplified, automated remote management on both an individual device and multidevice basis. These capabilities include the following: zero-touch provisioning, remote configuration and configuration updates, software (including firmware) upgrades, real-time problem diagnosis, and troubleshooting of common home networking problems such as Wi-Fi, firewall, and basic broadband connectivity of devices in the home. Bulk operations help service providers lower the cost of deploying and maintaining large numbers of subscriber devices.

Actionable information: Cisco Prime Home discovers detailed information about the devices in the home such as online/offline status, wireless signal strength, in-home bandwidth usage, and device manufacturer. The solution abstracts this information into the cloud and provides it to both service providers and subscribers through easy-to-use web portals - rendering the information actionable. This, in turn, reduces support calls and truck rolls, lowering operating expenses.

Intuitive consumer portal for real-time problem diagnosis and troubleshooting: Cisco Prime Home provides consumer visibility into the home network and access to a variety of configuration tools and data services. By providing the subscriber with the ability to more easily troubleshoot problems, a majority of support calls are eliminated, helping to drive customer satisfaction and lower churn. No software is required to be installed on any consumer device, and the portals are accessible anywhere in the world through a browser or mobile application.

High-value consumer services: Cisco Prime Home helps enable the quick rollout of new services that drive customer satisfaction and service provider revenues, including:

– Managed Wi-Fi: Facilitates remote configuration of gateway wireless settings and monitors the signal strength of each Wi-Fi client in the home network - useful for diagnosing "slow connect" issues.

– Managed firewall: Helps enable the most popular multiplayer games, media devices, remote access, and messaging applications to work through the gateway firewall.

– Parental control applications provide the subscriber an easier experience managing in-home access to web content:

– Dynamic content filtering: Provides consumers the ability to create a specific list of websites that are allowed or blocked for each individual device in the home and includes profile-based dynamic content filtering services.

– Time blocking: Allows consumers to specify times of day and amounts of time allowed for Internet access (whole home and per device).

Analytics engine: Cisco Prime Home Analytics provides greater visibility into home network usage and activity, home network characteristics, and service utilization. Service providers can use this intuitive application to create professional reports and charts for a wide array of subscriber and device information, helping to proactively analyze and address support issues globally for new business model creation.

Easy integration into existing service provider systems: Web-based APIs promote ease of integration into service provider OSS/BSS systems.

Deployment options: Cisco Prime Network Home is available for onsite deployment in a service provider network or may be hosted by Cisco.

About Cisco Prime

The Cisco Prime portfolio of enterprise and service provider management offerings empowers IT organizations to more effectively manage their networks and the services they deliver. Built on a service-centered foundation, the Cisco Prime portfolio of products supports integrated lifecycle management through an intuitive workflow-oriented user experience. The portfolio of Cisco Prime solutions for service providers provides A-to-Z management for IP next-generation networks, mobility, video, and managed services.

Service and Support

Using the Cisco ® lifecycle services approach, Cisco and its partners provide a broad portfolio of end-to-end services and support that can help increase your network's business value and return on investment. This approach defines the minimum set of activities needed, by technology and by network complexity, to help you successfully deploy and operate Cisco technologies and optimize their performance throughout the lifecycle of your network.

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