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Cisco Kinetic Gateway Management Module (GMM) Data Sheet

Data Sheet

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Updated:June 26, 2019

Available Languages

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    View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices
Updated:June 26, 2019


Gateway Management Module

Bring new gateways online in minutes instead of days — and easily manage them remotely with this secure, cloud-hosted application. An integral part of the Cisco Kinetic platform, the Gateway Management Module (GMM) streamlines provisioning and provides you with ongoing visibility into and control over your Cisco® Industrial IoT gateways (Cisco IR1101, IR829, IR809 and IR807 Industrial Integrated Services Routers) from your browser.

Manage gateways securely and more cost-efficiently with GMM


Unlock the value of your IoT data with Cisco Kinetic

The Cisco Kinetic platform is an Internet of Things (IoT) data fabric, designed to extract data from your connected devices, compute anywhere in a distributed network, and move data to the various applications where it can be used to drive meaningful business outcomes.


Save time and money with almost instant provisioning

Dramatically reduce gateway onboarding time with simple 1-2-3 setup.

1.     Power up the gateway and plug it into the network — or use its cellular power to connect with GMM.

2.     Enter the gateway’s serial number in your Cisco Kinetic GMM dashboard to securely “claim” it.

3.     Select from your library of templates to automatically configure the gateway as it onboards.

There’s no configuration code to write, so no need to send a network engineer to the site. The installation technician simply powers it on and makes sure it has a connection — and you handle the rest from your cloud-based dashboard. No delays. And you can apply bulk operations to handle volume provisioning for even greater efficiency.

Manage gateways securely in a variety of deployment models

Whether you’re adding gateways to an existing network or using them as standalone access points with cellular connectivity only, the Gateway Management Module streamlines your deployment. You can also extend your network security to mobile and remote gateways with an (optional) Cisco FlexVPN connection between these assets and your network and associated user access controls.


Figure 1.           

Cisco Kinetic GMM makes it easy to get connected in a broad range of environments

Get the most value from your cellular service

Gain real-time visibility into the cellular connectivity and strength. Use this information to manage dual SIM connectivity when it is enabled on your gateways, so you have always-on connectivity for mission-critical remote and mobile applications. Plus, if your use case includes video recording in a vehicle, you can automatically offload files via Wi-Fi (when in range of your network) to avoid the higher cost of cellular data transfer.

Extend the value of your gateways with this rich set of features



Instant provisioning

Quick, easy provisioning of Cisco Industrial IoT gateways (IR807, IR809, IR829 and IR1101 Industrial ISRs) minimizes costly manual work.

An installation technician powers the gateway and ensures that it has connectivity, so it can “phone home” to your cloud-hosted instance of GMM for onboarding and configuration.

An intuitive UI enables you to create groups and apply customized policy-based configuration templates with bulk operations. It makes configuration of gateways fast, reliable, and scalable across complex IT and OT environments.

  Accelerate gateway setup and configuration (hours instead of days).
  Reduce deployment cost and project risk associated with time-consuming and error-prone manual configuration.
  Avoid the training costs associated with more complex deployment models.

Cellular connectivity usage management

  Gain real-time visibility into cellular signal strength and aggregated cellular data usage for the past 24 hours.
  Set rules to prioritize which network to use when managing a gateway’s dual SIM usage (when dual SIMs and cellular contracts are in place). You may want to either:
   Connect to the strongest cellular signal, regardless of carrier, or
   Prioritize the connection to carrier A (due to better commercials or desired functionality), defaulting to carrier B if the signal from carrier A drops below a defined threshold.

End-to-end security

Ensure your data is protected with Cisco security at many levels:

  Enable an encrypted IPsec tunnel between gateways and the Cisco Kinetic GMM cloud.
  Require certificate-based authentication during the gateway claiming process.
  Add support for FlexVPN to establish IPsec tunnels over Internet Key Exchange (IKE) v2 to the customer head end, to secure the channel between the gateways and the head end.
  Add support for Cisco AnyConnect ® VPN and the port forwarding feature to enable secure remote access to devices behind the gateway via VPN from anywhere outside of the firewall.

Workgroup Bridge (WGB)

(automatic Wi-Fi offloading for high-bandwidth files)

  Reduce cellular data costs with quick, reliable, automatic Wi-Fi offloading for high-bandwidth video and confidential files (when in range of the network).
  Maximize uptime for field and remote employees with fast, touchless transfer of high-bandwidth data over Wi-Fi, with strict privacy protection.
  Easily enable WGB through UI-based template creation.

Secure Wi-Fi hotspot

  Increase productivity for field and remote employees with Wi-Fi connectivity for corporate-owned or approved laptops and mobile devices, using the cellular connection in your mobile gateway.
  Ensure enterprise-class security by adding an optional FlexVPN for mobile apps and enforce user access policies for all devices.

Real-time GPS

Provide accurate and real-time tracking of mobile high-value assets to help improve the efficiency and accuracy of dispatch operations. Historical GPS enabling replay of routes from the most recent 30 days.

How to order Cisco Kinetic GMM

Gateway compatibility

The Cisco Kinetic Gateway Management Module supports the management of the Cisco IR1101, IR829, IR809 and IR807 Industrial ISR gateways. Please see here a complete list of all supported gateway models.

To enable Cisco Kinetic GMM on the IR1101, IR829, IR809 and IR807 gateways, when ordering, specify this option:


Description: Enable the gateway to be ready for cloud management.

Subscription details

The GMM is available as part of the Cisco Kinetic platform subscription. Cloud-hosted GMM is sold based on the number of gateways under management. You can purchase a subscription for a 12, 36 or 60 month period. As Cisco Kinetic GMM is a cloud-hosted platform, you will automatically receive periodic updates, so you always have the latest version of the software. Your subscription also includes the right to upgrade IR1101 or IR8xx software like IOS within the universe of GMM qualified releases. You can choose to prepay the subscription price for the entire term or on an annualized basis.

For full ordering details, please see the Ordering Guide for this product.

Services and support

Your GMM base software subscription entitles you to limited 12x7 phone and Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) support. The limited support includes access to trained TAC personnel via phone, web and email as well as continuous monitoring of the Kinetic Cloud Operations. You can also access online resources including the knowledge base and tutorials. No additional products, licenses or fees are required to access basic support services with the Cisco Kinetic GMM subscription.

Enhanced support is available for an additional fee.

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