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Cisco Intersight Service for HashiCorp Terraform At-a-Glance

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Updated:March 23, 2021

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Updated:March 23, 2021

Table of Contents



Bridge the gap between your cloud-first IaC strategy and your on-premises infrastructure

The need for speed when deploying and updating applications has been driving Infrastructure as Code (IaC) adoption with your DevOps teams as they work with their preferred public clouds. But what about your on-premises environment and the capability to deploy applications across your entire hybrid IT landscape without having to add more tools to manage? When asked to use on-premises infrastructure to deploy applications, your DevOps teams are now expecting the same experience, flexibility, and automation as their familiar IaC toolchains.

This represents a challenge for your IT operations teams, who need to transition from provisioning static on-premises resources to making dynamic infrastructure readily available for integration with their DevOps team’s IaC plans. Manually integrating your on-premises environment to a cloud-based IaC toolchain can mean additional tools that now have to be managed locally for every data center your teams look after and that increase the attack surface as your environment is now exposed to the public domain. Furthermore, what about all that non-immutable infrastructure that cannot be integrated with IaC tools? Where do you start?

To address all those concerns, Cisco and HashiCorp have partnered to develop a joint solution that simplifies your IaC strategy across your hybrid cloud operations, securely integrating your on-premises environment with Terraform Cloud Business - the enterprise-grade SaaS version of the open-source Terraform distribution, offering capabilities such as Single Sign-on (SSO), audit logging, etc. Cisco Intersight Service for HashiCorp Terraform (IST), part of Cisco Intersight, our SaaS-delivered cloud operations platform, provides an easy and seamless experience for comprehensive automation, allowing DevOps to consume on-premises resources the way they want and ITOps to orchestrate across any aspect of their hybrid cloud environment to drive the business forward.

Securely integrating your on-premises environment with HashiCorp Terraform Cloud Business

Figure 1.            

Securely integrating your on-premises environment with HashiCorp Terraform Cloud Business


      Reduce operational complexity and increase productivity using Infrastructure as Code to provision and manage your hybrid cloud environment

      Give your DevOps teams what they need with a ready-to-be-consumed on-premises infrastructure, securely integrated with their IaC tools

      Reduce risk with enterprise-grade capabilities to manage infrastructure in private environments, such as Single Sign-on (SSO) and audit logging

      Automate across all your hybrid cloud resources without having to manage more tools to integrate with Terraform Cloud Business

      Benefit from a hybrid cloud partnership between industry-leaders with a rich catalog of Terraform providers and a single point of contact for support and enablement

      Simplify usability with quality-of-life features such as common APIs and cross-launching through Cisco Intersight

How it works

Cisco Intersight Service for HashiCorp Terraform (IST) addresses the challenge of securely connecting and configuring on-premises environments to work with Terraform Cloud Business. Rather than spending time on firewall configurations or manually deploying and maintaining local runtime environments for Terraform Cloud Agents, IST removes the discomfort of DIY approaches by making the integration quick and easy.

Leveraging Intersight Assist users can integrate Terraform Cloud Business with Cisco Intersight, enabling secure communication between on-premises data centers and edge locations with the IaC platform. This means users can spend less time managing the end-to-end lifecycle of Terraform Cloud Agents, benefiting from native integration directly within Intersight, including upgrades and the ability to scale as demand grows. In addition, with common Single Sign-On (SSO), users can cross launch directly from Intersight into Terraform Cloud.

And what about all those on-premises targets that do not have a Terraform provider? You can use the Intersight Cloud Orchestrator service and integrate with your Terraform plans all your Cisco® compute data center endpoints, as well as a growing library of targets such as VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Pure Storage, NetApp, Hitachi, etc. Finally with a single point of support across all components provided by Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC), you can always remediate quickly and stay ahead of problems.

With Intersight Service for HashiCorp Terraform, seamlessly and securely extend modern, public cloud automation tools and best-practices to any on-premises environments, delivering consistent agility and flexibility for your DevOps teams while reducing operational overhead for ITOps.

What to buy?

      A HashiCorp Terraform Cloud Business license purchased through Cisco or your Cisco partner

      A Cisco Intersight Advantage or Premier license enables Intersight Service for Terraform features. For more information see Cisco Intersight Licensing Tiers.

      Solution Support is offered through Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) and provides multi-product, multi-vendor issue resolution across your environment.


Visit Cisco DevNet for resources to get started with infrastructure as code and HashiCorp Terraform: developer.cisco.com/iac




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