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Webex Room Kit Mini

This AI-powered video conferencing solution is designed for huddle spaces.

$3,190.00 USD*
Cisco Suggested Resale Price
*Final price may vary. Final price set by Cisco Partner. For options outside U.S. please consult Cisco Sales.

Webex Room Kit Mini evaluation report

This is a hands-on look at the Cisco AI-powered video conferencing system designed for huddle spaces by Wainhouse Research.

Meet Webex Room Kit Mini

The Webex Room Kit Mini​ is boardroom technology for your smallest spaces.​


Smart meetings

The Room Kit Mini has powerful integrated cameras that deliver intelligent views and automatic noise suppression.

Smart presentations

This video conferencing system has dual content sources, wireless sharing, and 4K content.

Registration flexibility

Cisco's AI-powered video conferencing system is built for both cloud and on-premises deployment.

Join any meeting

The Room Kit Mini USB passthrough facilitates interoperability with any cloud service provider. 

Smart room

In smart rooms, tight integrations enhance user interactions while APIs and macros allow personalization.

Supercharge your collaboration with RoomOS

Experience the powerful, cloud-based operating system for Webex Devices.

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