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Cisco Webex Board 55S

Cisco Webex Board 55S provides intelligent collaboration and co-creation for huddle spaces.

$12,950.00 USD*
Cisco Suggested Resale Price
*Final price may vary. Final price set by Cisco Partner. For options outside U.S. please consult Cisco Sales.

Our topline take on the Board is that Cisco has produced a truly remarkable user experience via the combination of the frictionless Webex Assistant, high quality video conferencing and teaming applications, a clever and simple user interface (UI), graceful touch and writing experience, whiteboarding, and the ability to add third-party apps.

Wainhouse Evaluation: Cisco Webex Board 55 - Q1 2020

Transform the way you collaborate

The Cisco Webex Board brings everything you need for your physical, remote, pre- and post-meeting collaboration with easy-to-use screen share, digital whiteboarding, and video conferencing.


Team collaboration

With all-in-one HD video, audio, and digital whiteboarding, teams can collaborate in person and remotely. 

Digital whiteboarding

When you co-create and ideate with the Webex Board stylus or your fingertips, your whiteboard is available anytime, anywhere with the Webex app. 

Screen sharing

Sharing and annotating content is quick, easy and wireless, including support for video playback

Cognitive collaboration

AI joins huddle spaces with intelligent views, speaker tracking and facial recognition features

Continuous workflow

Everything created on a Webex Board can be accessed anywhere, anytime through the Webex app.

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