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Manage VXC Endpoints, Regardless of Location

Centrally manage all your Cisco Virtualization Experience Client (VXC) 2000 Series and VXC 6215 endpoints in your organization, regardless of their location, with a comprehensive and highly secure thin client management solution.

Cisco VXC Manager addresses critical management requirements for deploying powerful zero clients thin clients. With its centralized management and administration, Cisco VXC Manager helps IT departments deliver more effective remote VXC endpoint support while minimizing end-user downtime.

Features and Capabilities

The Cisco VXC Manager scales up to hundreds of thousands of clients. It offers:

  • Highly secure HTTPS-based communications
  • Powerful device policy and configuration management
  • Real - time asset management and health - monitoring based on the industry-standard SQL database
  • Remote imaging, including optimization of remote software repositories
  • Administration delegation for third-party support staff

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