Cisco Virtualization Experience Client 4000 Series

NOTE: This product is no longer being sold and might not be supported.

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Help Employees Collaborate Anywhere

Cisco Virtualization Experience Client (VXC) 4000 turns your virtualized Windows PC into a voice-enabled virtual workspace.

Cisco VXC 4000 is a software appliance that supports high-quality, real-time interactive voice in a virtual desktop environment on Windows PCs. It is ideal for companies wanting to use their existing PC assets for desktop virtualization deployments with unified communications support. When you implement Cisco VXC 4000 as part of the Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI), you can create a superior virtual workspace experience, and can lower operational costs.

Feature and Capabilities

  • Turns a virtualized Windows PC into an interactive multimedia-capable virtual desktop client
  • Uses voice processing capabilities that efficiently use network and data center CPU resources
  • Supports Citrix XenDekstop and VMware View
  • Offers endpoint support for Windows XP and Windows 7

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