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Flexible Deployment, Immersive Experience

Bring the immersive power of Cisco TelePresence to multipurpose conference rooms. The Cisco TelePresence TX1310 65 delivers a simplified, elegant design in a single-screen, three-camera clustered system. You can use it in virtually any conference room with the existing table for a cost-effective telepresence deployment, delivering low total cost of ownership.

Learn more about how TX1310 65 extends the immersive experience. (3:44 min)

The Cisco TelePresence TX1310 65 features a 65-inch screen and can support meetings with up to six people in a regular conference room.

During Cisco TelePresence calls, TX1310 65 users enjoy an immersive experience:

  • All meeting participants are life-size on the screen
  • Participation is simple and natural with automatic voice-activated switching
  • Integrated lighting produces high-quality, natural-looking video by eliminating facial shadows

The TX1310 65 provides the flexibility that you need to deploy Cisco TelePresence throughout your organization with a very low total cost of ownership. Optimally designed for different environments and room sizes, this system delivers a high-quality experience for remote or branch offices with limited space or bandwidth.

Features and Capabilities

  • Platform designed to work with current and future advanced collaboration features
  • Single screen with up to 1080p60 video resolution, supporting full life-size images, and up to 1080p30 HD content sharing
  • 65-inch screens with a three-camera cluster, microphones, and speakers
  • Automatic segment switching focuses on active speaker
  • Flexible options for data display, such as presentation-in-picture mode, suitable for space-constrained environments
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