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Deploy an Intelligent Optical Network Manager

Managing optical networks is a tremendous challenge. Cisco Transport Manager is an intelligent, multi-technology, carrier-class element management system for optical networks. Its design follows the TeleManagement Forum (TMF) Multi-Technology Network Management (MTNM) principles.

Easily Meet Optical Network Challenges

Challenges in managing optical networks include:

  • Accurately planning capacity
  • Maintaining an offline database of resources and links that are aligned with the real network
  • Verifying that circuits are in place and working as expected
  • Periodically backing up the configuration over large numbers of network elements and software images
  • Creating on-demand reports showing historical performance and fulfillment of customer service-level agreements

Transport Manager helps you address these issues, while it maintains transport network efficiency during the entire lifecycle and feeds OSS with actual network data.

Simplify Management and Integrate with OSS

Cisco Transport Manager simplifies provisioning and network management and reduces overall costs by providing:

  • Single system to manage optical networks, increasing productivity by simplifying complex provisioning tasks
  • Single repository for network information, supporting configuration, fault, performance, and security management
  • Integration with OSS

More than 300 customers worldwide use Cisco Transport Manager to enhance network security and help ensure service continuity. To request a demo, please click here.

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