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Cisco Tidal Performance Analyzer for SOA

Improve SOA Performance Monitoring

You can use service-oriented architecture (SOA) to produce comprehensive applications. However, you must also handle the new complexities of SOA performance monitoring to keep those applications functioning well. Cisco Tidal Performance Analyzer for SOA is software that simplifies SOA performance monitoring.

Get Detailed Visibility

Performance Analyzer for SOA provides highly detailed visibility into end-to-end composite applications, so you can proactively pinpoint performance problems in dynamic SOA environments.

Effectively Manage SOA Applications

This software helps you build a detailed end-to-end view of the process so that you can effectively manage SOA applications. It combines application mapping, business process tracing, and aggregate service-level agreement (SLA) monitoring capabilities with runtime monitoring across multiple application servers.

Quickly Resolve Issues

Cisco Tidal Performance Analyzer for SOA helps you understand and resolve issues quickly because it features:

  • Proactive problem detection
  • Rapid localization of problems
  • Deep-dive metrics for root-cause analysis
  • Automated corrective action to create stopgap and self-healing solutions for SOA deployments

This Performance Analyzer for SOA-based deployments is an effective performance monitoring solution for heterogeneous environments that combine a range of:

  • Portals
  • Enterprise service buses (ESBs)
  • Web services
  • Application servers

Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for IBM WebSphere DataStage

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Figure 1 Cisco Tidal Performance Analyzer for SOA Simplifies Monitoring of Complex and Dynamic Environments

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