Optimize Workloads on Cisco UCS Servers

Cisco Tidal Enterprise Adapter for Cisco UCS Manager makes workload optimization easier. With it, you can manipulate Cisco UCS servers directly through Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler (TES) software. Manage high-demand workloads and infrastructure bottlenecks automatically by adding this resource-optimization adapter to your TES environment.

Features and Capabilities

Cisco TES is a job scheduling and workload automation solution that serves as a unifying standard for the enterprise. It provides broad coverage and visibility, scalability, and a full feature set to command and control a wide array of activities and processes.

Cisco UCS Integration

Cisco UCS Manager provides unified and embedded management of all software and hardware components of the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS). It integrates computing, networking, storage access, and virtualization resources in a single cohesive system. This Cisco TES adapter integrates with Cisco UCS Manager using the XML API.

Cisco UCS Manager exposes full-featured XML API objects, providing powerful ways to customize the behavior of Cisco UCS. Cisco TES can add, reboot, shut down, and reset Cisco UCS server instances as part of a high-level business workflow. Through the adapter's easy-to-use interface, users can choose servers from a list of service profiles or use the management tree interface to visually locate individual servers in the data center.

Optimizing Infrastructure Resources

Through ease of use and automation, this solution can improve your team's control over workload infrastructures that include Cisco UCS servers. Blade and rack servers can become part of a holistic solution that includes automated infrastructure optimization with VMware instances and cloud infrastructure Amazon EC2 and S3 instances.

Administrators can automate the maintenance of servers by:

  • Scheduling maintenance windows
  • Using agents to carry out the process
  • Using the Cisco UCS Manager adapter to sequence server startup and shutdown

The Cisco UCS Manager adapter is also convenient for planning year-end shutdown and startup sequencing. With the adapter, you can improve efficiency and get more out of your investment in Cisco UCS technology.