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Network Management

Network Management Technology

Accelerate Time-to-Value and Simplify Operations

Cisco cloud and systems management software solutions are optimized to support innovative Cisco architectures, including:

  • Cloud computing
  • IP next-generation networks
  • Collaboration
  • Data center infrastructure
  • Video

The primary goal of Cisco cloud and systems management is to simplify and automate the tasks and operations associated with Cisco equipment.

Cisco's cloud management software enables highly secure, on-demand, and automated IT operations for cloud computing, with policy-based controls for provisioning virtual and physical resources. It includes a self-service portal, orchestration engine, and advanced cloud management capabilities.

Cisco's data center automation products help you better manage your data center operations and applications. You can capture and automate manual tasks across your applications, servers, network, and virtualized infrastructures.

The Cisco Prime for IT portfolio of products and solutions helps simplify the deployment and management of Cisco services, technologies, and platforms. The strategy supports integrated lifecycle management of the networks, services, and endpoints for borderless networks, data center, and collaboration architectures. It helps IT departments:

  • Reduce errors and downtime, automate troubleshooting, and improve the delivery of services
  • Speed deployments, minimize IT staffing, and reduce training requirements
  • Make the most of network investments through converged management

The Cisco Prime for Service Provider offerings help you manage today's fast evolving networks. Built on a service-centered foundation, Cisco Prime supports integrated lifecycle management through an intuitive, workflow-oriented user experience. It provides A-to-Z management for IP next-generation networks, mobility, video, and cloud services to help you:

  • Increase value and efficiency through automated management
  • Reduce costs through common architectural components
  • Ease operations through a consistent look and feel across a portfolio of services

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