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NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.

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Rapidly Design and Fulfill New Services

Cisco Prime Order Fulfillment is an automated, flexible, catalog-oriented service delivery solution. Operating at the customer-facing services (CFS) layer, it facilitates quick and efficient design and fulfillment of new and innovative services. It helps increase business agility and making it easier for service providers to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace and rapidly changing technological landscape.

Features and Capabilities

Cisco Prime Order Fulfillment accelerates the discovery, assembly, launch, and orchestration of new services across both legacy and virtualized infrastructures. It offers a modular and automated approach for bringing together people, processes, and products required to achieve this.

It can help you:

  • Make money faster by accelerating new product design, assembly, and launch
  • Reduce operational expenses by lowering order processing overhead
  • Avoid disjointed offerings by synchronizing network capabilities with customer needs
  • Improve customer satisfaction with automated service monitoring and control
  • Elevate the customer experience through SLA-aware service management

Cisco Prime Order Fulfillment is offered as a single package and provides end-to-end service fulfillment with three primary capabilities, including:

Active Catalog

Cisco Prime Active Catalog is a service creation, product lifecycle management and cross-domain process orchestration platform. It offers flexible service design using reusable service components to quickly generate new revenue and respond quickly to competitor offering. This includes publishing of viable service bundles to customer-facing ordering systems. You can offer services on demand and at scale in a multi-tenant, elastic environment. Active Catalog also receives technical service orders from order capture functions and performs order decomposition.

Order Management

Service providers can use this to define order fulfillment business processes. It orchestrates, monitors, and controls all the detailed order processes that the customer service fulfillment cycle involves.

Service Inventory

This feature simplifies management of all resources required in the service delivery process. It models correlation of subscribers to services, and services to network equipment. Service Inventory also discovers network elements and performs reconciliation against stored data.

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