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Simplify Video Collaboration Management with End-to-End Visualization


This product is being upgraded and replaced by Cisco Prime Collaboration.  Visit site for product details and documentation.

Take the guesswork out of video collaboration management with Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager. This product offers service providers and network operators:

  • Real-time visualization of in-progress video collaboration sessions
  • Detailed end-to-end visibility into the media path
  • At-a-glance executive summaries to identify critical outages
  • Simple out-of-the-box reporting to view utilization and problem trends

When a network includes medianet-capable devices, Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager provides even deeper network path visibility, down to the granularity of video flow statistics.

Offer Exceptional User Experience

To help ensure a superior end-user experience, Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager:

  • Speeds troubleshooting and recovery from service-affecting problems
  • Provides detailed analysis to quickly pinpoint service-degrading network devices
  • Delivers reports that help you manage your key assets and track usage

In addition, Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager efficiently validates large-scale deployments. It comprehensively evaluates the inventory, health, and status of Cisco TelePresence endpoints, as well as service and network infrastructure devices.

Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager is a product of the Cisco Prime network management portfolio.

Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager delivers more comprehensive end-to-end information and features in conjunction with a medianet.

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