Cloud Configurations, Compelling Economics

Cisco Metacloud offers all the storage configurations needed to support the demands your applications have for private cloud infrastructure. Architected for flexibility, there are choices to optimize for block, file, and object storage based on your existing environment and future needs.

By coupling the local storage on your computing infrastructure with the Metacloud controller nodes, we automate the provisioning and management of storage to your virtual machine instances to create a complete virtual SAN. Metacloud can also operate using investments you have in traditional enterprise storage technologies for transactional workloads.

For scaling-out unstructured data workloads, Metacloud offers object storage on-premises that is powered by OpenStack and supports both OpenStack and Amazon Web Service (AWS) APIs. With the freedom to scale capacity and performance independently and spontaneously using servers and standard drives, this pay-as-you-grow storage service scales alongside business growth.


Metacloud delivers choice among storage services that deliver the same performance, economics, and reliability experience that is expected of public cloud storage. These on-premises configurations are integrated with the broader management of your private cloud. You get the performance your applications need, the reliability your administrators demand, the custody and control IT management desires, and the cost model your executives are asking for.

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