Credentials that Work Across Different Projects

Making the cloud easy to use for internal customers is key to long-term deployment success. Cisco Metacloud addresses that issue by providing integrated identity management and authentication for managing cloud users. Built-in support for existing user authentication mechanisms, like Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Microsoft Active Directory, give you a single sign-on experience that's consistent with your existing environment.

Users get a single set of credentials that work with all services (computing, storage, images, networking, and others) and on all interfaces (API, command line, dashboard). Administrators have full access to manage their users, the groups and projects they are members of, and the way those accounts tie back to existing authentication and identity systems like LDAP or Active Directory.


  • Consistent credentials that work across all projects and services
  • Single sign-on integration with your existing LDAP and Active Directory
  • Full administrator control of users, projects, and quotas
  • Self-service access option for users to join projects without needing an administrator

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