Managing the Cloud has Never Been Easier

The Cisco Metacloud dashboard is a full self-service web portal that helps administrators and end users manage their clouds. By exposing the functionality of the OpenStack API, we make it easy to configure and deploy projects, instances, and storage. The dashboard also provides visibility into the performance and utilization of your cloud using Cisco monitoring services. And because we know how time-consuming user management is, our dashboard includes integration with enterprise authentication systems, so you don't have to recreate your existing user base.

The Metacloud dashboard is designed to give you a simple, yet powerful experience. As a user, you have instant access to provision and manage your virtual machines, storage, and networks - as you would with a public cloud. As an administrator, you have a level of control and visibility that public cloud and traditional virtualization platforms don't provide. Administrators can set up new users, projects, quotas, and more. At the same time, the dashboard offers visibility into bare metal and hypervisor performance to help troubleshoot issues or plan for capacity.


  • Easy-to-use graphical alternative to the OpenStack APIs
  • User, project, and full administrative views available
  • Live Stats feature providing access to real-time visibility for your hypervisors, controller nodes, and host operating systems
  • Based on OpenStack Horizon and operated 24 hours a day by Cisco for an "always-on" public cloud experience

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